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Guenter Becker

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I'm looking across the forum and the books, but even I found no answer.

Easy question:
I have a custom resource folder ..ResA and and an resource file abc.png inside.
I have a main activity with #AdditionalRes: ..\ResA and variable Private img as Bitmap.
I like to load abc.png into the variable but how must I set the dir of the LoadBitmap?

Could anyone give a short B4A snipped. Thank you.
Best regards Guenter

Guenter Becker

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Erel, You are absolutely right. In my special case I'am developing a custom control. For this Im using a layout from the designer and need some special Images. This Images and the designer file have to be delivered with the custom control. At the moment I think about wether to deliver it to the audiance as customview class or as library.

My current decision is to do do it as a class so that the user is able to examine the code. Do you think in this case it would be better to include the needed resources in the controls zip archive and to advice the user to copy the needed files in his files folder by himself when installing the control?
Greetings Guenter
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