Android Question Ultimate List View V4.5


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I've downloaded the latest version of ULV 4.5 and I have run into a few problems with the demo code.

With the Animation Demo, after selecting "On Click", I then click on one of the subsequent options: (Alpha, Blinking, Centred, Compaction,Enlargement, Shrinking, Translation)"

It's then that I get the following error:

Unexpected event (missing RaiseSynchronousEvents): item_contentfiller

This only happens on the first selection - after that, pressing any of the button options does not bring the Unexpected event back.

If I go down the "On change" path, everything works until I do a Long Clcik at which point I get a crash with:
Error occurred on line: 334 (AnimOnChange)

If I run the Chat Demo sample, I immediately get an error on line 151:
java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: No field balloon_left in class Lflm/b4a/ulvdemochat/R$drawable; (declaration of 'flm.b4a.ulvdemochat.R$drawable' appears in /data/app/flm.b4a.ulvdemochat-1/base.apk)

Any help gratefully received, as this looks like a great piece of code and I've had it for ages and only just started using it!