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Hey Everyone!

I've spent the last few months developing an educational app for Android.

Basically, you get a new word every day and it is displayed either as a notification or intrusively (depending on what you choose), at the interval you choose, within a certain timeframe. This is a repeditive method of learning new words and building your vocabulary.

The app is free, and comes with 25 words to get you started, and additional 'word packs' can be purchased and added into the categories to be displayed.

I am currently re-working the settings feature, as it's not scaling correctly on all devices.

I've had some good feedback from users, feel free to let me know what you all think!




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This is great.. thanks for the info..
Is the word also uttered (by voice)?

Don't you think the name is a little odd?


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Ah yes, sorry I forgot to mention... there is also TTS represented by the speaker button, which uses the Google JP (voice?) pack.
Every 'word' is an image which is sitting on a server, so the daily word is downloaded & cached to be used for that day.

I hear you about the name, it is quite long (for an app)... I guess it comes from my own experience of being kicked out of Japanese class for not studying the vocabulary words we were given to study for that week, as I lacked the motivation to do it. I think this app is best for those already learning the language, but need to improve their vocab on the side.


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Ref the name:
I understand, but regardless of the origin or reasons of using "unmotivated", but in my opinion it's a negative word and if avoided then that will help a lot. For me, I can not be motivated to install the app if this is the name :)
The word itself (not the far meaning) just how it sounds, will hit some chords in the ear and influence subsequence reactions. No logic here. Human mind is hard-wired to avoid negative things. --------just my two cents