B4R Tutorial Updated B4R-AES256 example (compatible with B4x, php and all other platforms)

This is an updated example how to en-/decrypt data with AES256.

Libs needed: jRandomAccessFile only


- As far as I know, the ESP32 doesn't support padding like PKCS5/7, so I had to do it on my own
- Other Cyphers support padding
- AES is a block cipher, so we have to build one block with a length of a multiple of 16
- To build a block, padding ist used
- e.g. if the data contains "hello" (5 chars), the next block size is 16
- if the size of the data is equal to a multiple of 16 (e.g. 16,32,48, ...) it is padded to the next block size (e.g. 16 will be 32, 32 will be 48)
- padding means adding data (different regulated values are possible). The last byte contains the count of values added including the counter
- example: "hello" (5 chars) will be padded to 16 chars. 16-5=11 chars/values have to be added. Last byte/value is therefor 11. 10 bytes are filled with other values (see the pad sub)
- after decryption, the data is "depadded"
- this works because the last byte of the added (padded) values contains the amount. So depadding means removing the filled values/bytes.

Wikipedia about PKCS#5 or PKCS#7:

Here the value is equal to the total amount of added/padded values. Quite simple. In our example from above, 11 is added 11 times

See how to pad/depad in B4x here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-padding-depadding-pkcs7-5-and-other.130258/

The B4R-Example takes care of anything

- data will be padded (see the sub, comes with parms to set the padding, values, etc)
- IV and SALT will be generated for each encryption
- Password will be hashed to 32 bytes (SHA256/AES256)
- Data will be encrypted (AES256, using the IV)
- the final message contains Salt+IV+encrypted message

When decrypting:
- Salt & IV are extracted (these values are public)
- the message is decrypted and depadded

In B4x (via Agraham's encryption lib) use:


plus the padding example (link) from above. PKCS5/7 should work, too (if you set the parms to fill with the amount of filled values)

Extract the Salt & IV from the message, set this IV and decrypt the rest. After that depad the message.


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