Other Updates to internal libraries


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Libraries from this thread should be copied to the internal libraries folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Anywhere Software\B4R\libraries

Make sure to check your current installed version as it might be newer.


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I've removed the #DefineExtra and updated the rCore Lib. It runs:
B4R error3.jpg

Erel, you are SO gifted!! Incredible.

I've had a thought: It's often the case that 'you' do as instructed in the guide, step by step, but something can go wrong and it would be a great help to have all of the potential solutions encountered to hand at that time. Could there be a way of directly linking/inserting/referencing these fantastic solutions to the problems we encounter, within the relevant section of the 'User Start Guide'? This might reduce the user's lengthy process of tracking down a solution and also, stop bothering you with 'minor irritants'!!

Many thanks.