Android Question Upgrade to B4A 10.70


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I have just upgraded to B4A 10.70

I believe I followed the directions properly but am having troubles compiling. Here is the error message from the compile:

B4A Version: 10.70
Parsing code.    (0.23s)
    Java Version: 8
Building folders structure.    (0.46s)
Compiling code.    (1.56s)
Compiling layouts code.    (0.29s)
Organizing libraries.    (0.00s)
    (Android Support Library)
Compiling resources    (0.10s)
Linking resources    Error
unknown option '-A'.
aapt2 link [options] -o arg --manifest arg files...
 -o arg                                            Output path
 --manifest arg                                    Path to the Android manifest to build
 -I arg                                            Adds an Android APK to link against
 -R arg                                            Compilation unit to link, using `overlay` semantics.
                                                   The last conflicting resource given takes precedence.
 --java arg                                        Directory in which to generate
 --proguard arg                                    Output file for generated Proguard rules
 --no-auto-version                                 Disables automatic style and layout SDK versioning
 --no-version-vectors                              Disables automatic versioning of vector drawables. Use this only
                                                   when building with vector drawable support library
 -x                                                Legacy flag that specifies to use the package identifier 0x01
 -z                                                Require localization of strings marked 'suggested'
 -c arg                                            Comma separated list of configurations to include. The default
                                                   is all configurations
 --preferred-density arg                           Selects the closest matching density and strips out all others.
 --product arg                                     Comma separated list of product names to keep
 --output-to-dir                                   Outputs the APK contents to a directory specified by -o
 --min-sdk-version arg                             Default minimum SDK version to use for AndroidManifest.xml
 --target-sdk-version arg                          Default target SDK version to use for AndroidManifest.xml
 --version-code arg                                Version code (integer) to inject into the AndroidManifest.xml if none is present
 --version-name arg                                Version name to inject into the AndroidManifest.xml if none is present
 --static-lib                                      Generate a static Android library
 --no-static-lib-packages                          Merge all library resources under the app's package
 --non-final-ids                                   Generates without the final modifier.
                                                   This is implied when --static-lib is specified.
 --private-symbols arg                             Package name to use when generating for private symbols.
                                                   If not specified, public and private symbols will use the application's package name
 --custom-package arg                              Custom Java package under which to generate
 --extra-packages arg                              Generate the same but with different package names
 --add-javadoc-annotation arg                      Adds a JavaDoc annotation to all generated Java classes
 --auto-add-overlay                                Allows the addition of new resources in overlays without <add-resource> tags
 --rename-manifest-package arg                     Renames the package in AndroidManifest.xml
 --rename-instrumentation-target-package arg       Changes the name of the target package for instrumentation. Most useful when used
                                                   in conjunction with --rename-manifest-package
 -0 arg                                            File extensions not to compress
 -v                                                Enables verbose logging
 -h                                                Displays this help menu