Usb relay controller


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This opens a completly new world of possibilities...


Licensed User anything simillar with a Bluetooth interface?

Because that would definitely be of interest :sign0087:


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Taximania, I'm a techie myself, so please keep us updated....

I can now confirm it is possible to send IR information from a PPC that is read by a PIC micro. PPC TX -> PIC RX. It uses the 3rd party circuit, (easy to build), I posted earlier. :sign0060:

What the PIC does with the info read is entirely dependant on the code in the PIC, not the PPC. :sign0087:

So now you can re-program a Pic's behaviour in-situe as long as your Pic's code does the error checking etc.

I'm still working on PIC TX -> PPC RX, I'm sure I'll get there soon.


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OK. So now i'm struggling. Why won't my PPC see or read the byte/string sent from the PICmicrochip.
Someone a newsgroup mentioned some registry settings concerning active sync or incoming beam settings. I'm sure all mine are inactive.

Could I be missing something.

Erel, any ideas ??