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I have been reading pages of posts on the USB... some say to download and install external libraries, of which there are several versions, etc. When I'm looking at my B4A screen, the LIBS TAB have two referenced libraries that seem related to this...

[ ] USB

From what I can make out... the SERIAL is only for BLUETOOTH, and the USB likely is for the serial over USB connector. Of course... this too is unclear.

I go to the HELP menu which directs me to the B4A page... I click DOCUMENTATION and find USB LIBRARY... I expect to see a page from a manual with what functions are available, how to use them, etc.

Instead... I get tossed into the forum again. :sign0161:

I've programmed in Visual BASIC... there is a manual... sample code, etc... I can look up commands, formats, parameters... does B4A have this?

Or is it all spread out in the forum?
(I downloaded the PDF files... but I can't seem to find anything that says exactly what each library contains... probably just missing it.)

I program the AVR Microprocessors using BASCOM... a BASIC program for the Atmel series processors.

I would REALLY like to plug a USB cable into my Tablet... and run it to an AVR... using an FTDI chip or similar... and send and receive simple serial communications.

If I could write a program to read sensors on the AVR and have it send them to the tablet... and send commands from the tablet to have the AVR turn things on and off... I could build a robot with a 7-inch tablet (Android 4 or greater) and do some really nice demonstrations. I have done this with Windows and VB-6... but I want to do it with a small tablet now.


SERIAL LIBRARY - Only Bluetooth?

USB LIBRARY - Has functions for above?

Or... do I need to load and install some other "stuff" not currently part of the B4A build I have at the moment... Version 2.52

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