Android Question Use Android as midi controller - how ?


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Dear all,
I've downloaded a midi usb library from this thread :
midi usb device manager

The midi device ( Deluge ) has an USB-midi-input port and I thought I could use it to control via Android some parameter.
However, the app does not connect to this device.

Since the midi device has also a standard Midi In port (DIN), I could try to use it instead. But I'm puzzled which kind of adapter shoud I use. Some app on the play store use a "usb otg" adapter, which is "merely" like a charge usb cable with a female usb port at one end.

I thought however, that a usb-a ---> midi DIN cable should be the right one, if it exists.
Has someone of you succeded to connect an android device to a midi instrument ? If so, which usb cable and which b4a library has been used ?

It seems that the Android device - an old Samsung Galaxy - which I want to use as a midi controller, does not support Usb OTG (Usb On The Go), which is "conditio sine qua non" in order to be able to connect to usb-midi devices.

I've tried with a Samsung A50 - it doesn't support Usb OTG too. And it didn't work either.

A question.

Is the use of Midi only possible on Android devices whith support of Usb OTG, or are there other solutions/midi library that would work also on devices without this capability ?

Many thanks in advance for your attention
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Thank you, I'll dig ih the Bluetooth 2 Midi adapters.
However, I'm looking for a solution "out of the box", without using other devices, only a smartphone and an usb cable.
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