Android Question Use External Bluetooth GPS, Instead of Internal GPS?


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I am trying to find a way to use an external, bluetooth connected GPS in place of the internal one in my device, directly in my app. I have found a workaround to do this, by doing the following:

- Connect external GPS via Bluetooth settings (indicates Paired, but not Connected)
- Turn on "Allow Mock Locations" in Settings -> Developer Options
- Install the "Bluetooth GPS" app from the Play store,

- Run the Bluetooth GPS service, with Enable Mock GPS Provider checked
- Enjoy the better GPS service

My app in B4A picks up the new GPS, no problem. Everything works. My question is, how does the service work? I would really love to be able to incorporate a service like that directly into my app, so I do not have to run a third part app. Can anyone help with this? Thanks!
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