iOS Tutorial Use Face ID Touch ID and Passcode

This is a short tutorial/code snippet on how to successfully implement Touch ID in your app.
Thanks to @Semen Matusovskiy for his code.

You need this OBJC Code
#import <LocalAuthentication/LocalAuthentication.h>
- (void) authenticateButtonTapped
   __result = -1; 
   LAContext *context = [[LAContext alloc] init];
   NSError *error = nil;
   if ([context canEvaluatePolicy: LAPolicyDeviceOwnerAuthentication error: &error])
       [context evaluatePolicy: LAPolicyDeviceOwnerAuthentication localizedReason: @"Are you the device owner?" reply: ^(BOOL success, NSError *error)
           if (error) { __result = 2; return; };
           if (success) { __result = 0; } else { __result = 1; };
       { __result = 3; };
#End If
Call it with this:
    Dim no As NativeObject = B4XPages.GetManager.GetTopPage.B4XPage 'if you dont use B4XPages then use "Me"
    no.RunMethod ("authenticateButtonTapped", Null)
    Do While result < 0
        Sleep (50)
    Select Case result
        Case 0
            xui.MsgboxAsync ("Success: You are the device owner", "B4X")
        Case 1
            xui.MsgboxAsync ("Error: You are not the device owner", "B4X")
        Case 2
            xui.MsgboxAsync ("Error: There was a problem verifying your identity", "B4X")
        Case 3
            xui.MsgboxAsync ("Error: Your device cannot authenticate using TouchID", "B4X")
    End Select

This code asks for the Face ID, if this fails, then you have the choice to enter your pin code.

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If you only want FaceID with the option for your own Pincode then replace "LAPolicyDeviceOwnerAuthentication" with "LAPolicyDeviceOwnerAuthenticationWithBiometrics" then you can use your own pincode system.

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