Android Question Using Barcode in ZKC PDA


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I have a PDA 3503 by ZKC and I can't do a wrapper from SDK.
I only need on / off the scanner
Is possible do it?
I could use broadcast option but not other options
I need write this in B4A
  1. boolean flg=true;//true or false
  2. Intent intentBroadcast = new Intent();
  3. intentBroadcast.setAction("com.zkc.scan");
  4. intentBroadcast.putExtra("scan_power", flg);
  5. mContext.sendBroadcast(intentBroadcast);
And, Do I need put something in manifest?
I have this link with information about how use the SDK


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The site only shows "graphics" for me. I cant read chinese.
Is the documentation available in english?


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I´m not interested in viewing sites translated by google.

If they provide a SDK; upload the SDK and example app to Dropbox and post the link here. In the example one should be able to see what the code does...