Android Question Using maps(osmdroid) with actionbar?

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Tom1s, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. Tom1s

    Tom1s Member Licensed User


    I am stuck (again). I have a actionbar and slidingmenu. In sliding menu you can start osmdroid map.
    Structure is now:

    Activity.LoadLayout("Pagemain") 'containts actionbar and pcontent

    pContent.LoadLayout("page1")'contains panels

    pContent.AddView(MapView1, 0,0, 100%x, 100%y) ' this works one time but crashes if i call it again.

    After map I want to go back to flexible table

    Not working:

    This works but then i cant go back to maps:

    Or should i start a new activity and when calling back it finishes and goes back to this actionbar/flexible table?
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  2. Tom1s

    Tom1s Member Licensed User

    I think the only way is to make a second(map)activity.
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