Utility to convert Smart Quotes into normal ones

Derek Johnson

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If you are converting Apps written for B4A V2.00 that have used Smart Quotes into B4I V1.80 applications you may have had to downgrade your Smart Quotes to use the plain old quote system.

For example, in B4A Version 2.00 you might have:

<td  valign=top><B><A href='info:${rec.County}:${rec.Libname}'>${rec.Libname}</a></B><BR>(${rec.Distance} ml ${rec.Direction})</td>
<A href='geo:0,0?q=${rec.Libname}%20${rec.postcode}'>${rec.postcode}<BR><BR>
<A href='Tel:${rec.Phone}'>${rec.Phone}</a>
Changing this is quite a slow error-prone process, so I have written an Excel VBA application to automate this process:

This is the output for the example above:

Dim SQ1 as StringBuilder
SQ1.Append("<tr>" & CRLF)
SQ1.Append("<td  valign=top><B><A href='info:" & rec.County & ":" & rec.Libname & "'>" & rec.Libname & "</a></B><BR>(" & rec.Distance & " ml " & rec.Direction & ")</td>" & CRLF)
SQ1.Append("<td>" & CRLF)
SQ1.Append("" & rec.street & "<BR>" & CRLF)
SQ1.Append("" & rec.locality & "<BR>" & CRLF)
SQ1.Append("" & rec.town & "<BR>" & CRLF)
SQ1.Append("" & rec.County & "<BR>" & CRLF)
SQ1.Append("<A href='geo:0,0?q=" & rec.Libname & "%20" & rec.postcode & "'>" & rec.postcode & "<BR><BR> " & CRLF)
SQ1.Append("<A href='Tel:" & rec.Phone & "'>" & rec.Phone & "</a>" & CRLF)
SQ1.Append("<UL>" & CRLF)
SQ1.Append("        ")
I've attached a Zipped Version of the Excel SpreadSheet that does this. Obviously this contains macros, so it will trigger the usual Anti-virus etc alarms when you unzip, download and open it etc

Of course once we get B4I Version 2.00 there will be no need for this, so hopefully it will be redundant next week!