V5.00 - Added Text Box not global ?


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I use a lot of "addtextbox" instructions in my application and it does not work anymore in V5 like it was in V4.
Everything looks like the dynamically created Text boxes (or other items) are not considered as GLOBALS anymore (they definitely were in V4).
In other words, a textbox object created with "addtextbox" in "sub mysub1" is not accessible in "sub mysub2".
By the way, compilation gives me errors if I check the new option "check for unassigned / unused variables" in the "tools" menu.
This is very annoying.
Any idea ?
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What do you mean with globals?

I ported my Image Pairs Games from v4 to v5, and after correcting a few minor error, in my case some ")" were missing, it runned correctly and faster....All the game controls, panel,image holder and buttons were created in runtime...
This means that addtexbox funcions correctly...


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Trying to write a very small code showing the problem, I found out the problem is not what I first thought !
In my application, I assign and retrieve the value of the textbox simply as "MyTextBox" without any problem in V4.
Apparently, in V5, I'll need to address it as "MyTextBox.Text" to make it work.
CAn you confirm this, or is there a shorter way to solve this issue ?