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1. By accident I sized an icon 32 x 24 and assigned it to an application in
the IDE. Upon compilation, the IDE crashes unless you use a proper 32x32
icon. The Windows error message may look better in a Basic4ppc error
message which could also prevent the IDE from crashing.

2. Version 5.8 creates the "myapp.exe.config" file automatically, which is
very convenient but is limited to frameworks 1 and 2.
Will framework 3.5 be added next time?

3. There is no Stop command for Sound("music.wav"). On the device,
playback stops as you tap on a disabled control, say an Image Button, or
upon menu selection. FMOD plays WAVs as well but at the expense of a heavy third party library. A playback loop flag would also be nice for the
Sound command, such as Sound("music.wav", True) as would be a modal flag.

4. Could the GPS.DLL be modified to add HDOP and quality values?
They are in the same $GPGGA sentence :)


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Hi Erel,

Thanks so much for addressing the issues.

Regarding HDOP and quality, for the time being, I am currently working around like this:

Sub GPSGetHDOP(gga)
  'jump from GPS_GPSDecoded event
  'gga is the serial.InputString
  'reference = "$GPGGA,161229.487,3723.2475,N,12158.3416,W,1,07,1.0,9.0,M,,,,0000*18"
  Dim r1, r2
  r1 = StrIndexOf(gga,"$GPGGA",0)
  r2 = StrIndexOf(gga, "*", r1 + 6)
  If r1 <> -1 AND r2 <> -1 Then
    data() = StrSplit(gga, ",")
    hdopval = data(8)
    quality = posfix(data(6))
  End If
End Sub

  'posfix(0)="Not fixed"
  'posfix(1)="GPS SPS"
  'posfix(2)="DGPS SPS"
  'posfix(3)="DGPS PPS"