Wish vb6 Importer


Just saw you press release about b4j being the successor to vb6.

I recommend you create a vb6 project importer/convertor, this will get thousands of people excited and ready to migrate from vb6 to b4j.

I know it is a complicated task, and not everything will convert, but if it reduces the port time of a project by a big percentage it will help keep momentum for your product to be adopted by vb6 users.


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should work for easy stuff but VB6 relies a lot on these references or whatever you can call it to enable feature that are not really in VB6.


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It would be quite messy. As soon as a GUI, a database, networking or similar is used, you have a completely different framework, which makes it next to impossible.

While it would still be useful to be able to import BAS and CLS files with "pure code", even that is messy. Differences like VB6 Replace(text, old, new) and B4X text.Replace(old, new), or different base for arrays will mess things up (especially when you make calculations on the indexes).

Just sit down and rewrite. You've already solved the problem once, that's the big part. Now, you just need to re-implement it, that's often surprisingly easy.