Version 6.01 Compile Issue


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Sorry if this has been noted before, but when using optimised compile for desktop and for device, it appears the math hierarchy is not interpreted correctly...

My program contains the v1 formula below, which should evaluate the same as v3, and it does if I uncheck 'Optimised Compilation'. When it is checked, it evaluates the same as v2 instead. On the IDE it works correctly.

v1 = a * F_0 * (1 - e2*(Sin(phi)^2))^(-0.5)
v2 = (a * F_0 * (1 - e2*(Sin(phi)^2)))^(-0.5)
v3 = a * F_0 * ((1 - e2*(Sin(phi)^2))^(-0.5))

The workaround is obviously just to stuff in the extra brackets.