Vertical text on a Button


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This works fine in the IDE and when Opt Compiled for the desktop; but not on the device at all. Does anyone know a workaround?



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Thanks Erel,

That works, however I think I'm going to have to redesign my form; as the ImageButton interaction is different than the other buttons. When you select an ordinary button, its bacground turns black; but the ImageButton 'sinks' as if it is a 3D button.


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Yu can use the image button in Opaque mode, changing its background color in the click event and doing a litle sleep....;)
Something like....

Sub myimgbtn_click
sleep (100) ' This will alow for the color change to be noticeable, in case the event done in the sub are too quick...
do something
Myimgbtn.color=cGray ( or whatever the default color was)
End sub