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very quick question

I'm looking at SQLLight1 examples from the docs pack Sourcecode
All the Fields (Text Entry) have White Text on Black Background

Also from the example pack I'm looking at SQLDBUtils example
The Fields have WHITE background and Black Text!

I changed the layouts in the designer to use DEFAULT colurs like in the SQLLight1 Example
Activity and Text Fields (checked all properties I can )
BUT I still have WHITE backround and Black Text

How do I change it ?


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Thanks Klaus

Got it...

only problem is ALL Background is white!

I hadn't looked at Project settings for SDK etc..

need to explore a bit I guess.
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In general, try to be descriptive with the title of the tread.
In this case, something like : "Changing background in SQLight1 example" would be more helpful when someone else has a similar question later.
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