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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by dmtulsa, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. dmtulsa

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    I've been using B4A on and off for many years but I haven't a need to for over a year till now and I really don't know its newer capabilities. I have a project that requires something like a video conference call between an android (and Iphone) phone and another device running android, a raspberry pi 3 in which android can be installed. There's no internet involved but the two devices have wifi and bluetooth links. My question is what would be the best way to go about this using B4A
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  3. moster67

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    Might be possible with the latest version of my ffmpegencoder library which wraps Ffmpeg4 and which now permits using the camera as a source.
    I made some initial tests capturing the camera and it worked. To stream the camera/video-feed should be easy considering the power of ffmpeg.
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  4. canalrun

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    I have a very old app that does this – sends pseudo-video and audio between two devices. My app is based on Erel's tutorial, I believe the CCTV example, from long ago.

    It uses network sockets, async streams, and the video is camera preview bitmaps sent at about 10 fps.

    I wanted to send true video, but as Erel says that is very difficult. The app could probably be updated, but it works fine for its intended purpose.

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  5. dmtulsa

    dmtulsa Member Licensed User

    Thank you everyone. Seems I have a few things to try. If I get it working I'll post the code . Thank You all
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