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Discussion in 'iOS Questions' started by llama, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. llama

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    Hi I have a question, we have a local video playing , not streaming. the video player looks different to the one we have on the ios 11 app. when we scrub using the fast forward the screen goes blank. 4.40 version of B4i

    is this because we are compiling using the hosted builder and that It think is ios 8, not ios 9. so the native video player has changed, and once hosted builder gets ios 9 it will be fine.

    old.jpg old2jpg.jpg
  2. Erel

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    Don't confuse Xcode with iOS.

    I've just tested it. Compiled the camera example with Xcode 8 and with Xcode 9. The result is the same.
  3. llama

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    old2jpg.jpg old.jpg
    Thanks Erel, yes sorry I meant Xcode 8 and xcode 9, if that is the case why in the two screenshots are we seeing the player difference , could I send you the source code I am testing on ios 11.1 on an iPhone 6 and compiling on the hosted builder.. which I believe is Xcode 8

    The new player should look like the screen below , the images at the top show the difference.

    We are seeing the old video player below the fast forward on the new one has 15s rounded arrows as opposed too >>


    The issue I am having loading a local mp4 from the device (not streaming) is when you press fast forward the video disappears. that is the issue I am faced with..

    should I create a new project in the new B4x 4.40 and past the code in , as we are using a project file we wrote in 4.20 just compiling it in 4.40. thanks for any possible solutions.
  4. Erel

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    Yes, I understand. However I tested it here with Xcode 9 and VideoView still shows the same older player. So it is not related to the Xcode version.
  5. llama

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    thanks Erel I will post a new question in bugs and wishes as I am not sure its a bug but it might be , or it could be a mistake in my code.
    appreciate you checking that for us.