iOS Question VideoView force to landscape view in portrait only app?


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I have an app that has a number of modules, and is restricted to portrait mode only.

However, one module plays videos, and these are always in landscape mode, so I need to re-orientate accordingly.

I was wondering the best approach to achieve this. I have had 2 thoughts about how this could be achieved:-

  • allow the app to support all orientations, but 'block' the event when a rotation happens (I'm not sure what event is raised) apart from in the video view page
  • force the videoview to rotate to landscape mode by bypassing the portrait only restriction somehow (this is what we do in the B4A solution)
I know this is possible in B4a (if anyone requires the code please contact me) but various functions aren't supported on iOS (e.g. SetScreenOrientation in the phone library).

Any thoughts?


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Currently the video plays in portrait and is too small?

I don't think that you can bypass the portrait only restriction.

It is possible to programmatically change the orientation. It uses a non-public API so Apple may reject your app (my guess is that it will be fine):
Sub SetOrientation(landscape As Boolean)
   Dim no As NativeObject
   Dim value As Int
   If landscape Then value = 4 Else value = 1
   no.Initialize("UIDevice").RunMethod("currentDevice", Null).SetField("orientation", value)
End Sub
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I have used Erel's code to show only VideoView page in landscape, app is "forced" to be in portrait mode.
My app passed review.
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