View Android smartphone screen from PC (BT/USB)

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by mjcoon, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. mjcoon

    mjcoon Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I've been used to doing this, at 200% zoom, with a WM5 PDA for years.

    I've tried a couple of Android Market apps but had no joy with Android 2.1.

    Does anyone have a recommendation, please, from B4A or otherwise?

    TIA, Mike.
  2. mc73

    mc73 Well-Known Member Licensed User

    For Samsung devs, there's the teamviewer. Otherwise, sometimes I use myPhoneExplorer.
  3. mjcoon

    mjcoon Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Thanks for your fast reply. I am running myPhoneExplorer and it seems just what I wanted. It should also help with developing using the WYSIWYG designer.

    I was not happy with the AcerSync that came with the phone (it said I had no compatible PIM apps to sync with, even when I was actually running Outlook). Hopefully myPhoneExplorer will be better at that too.

    Thanks again; Mike.
  4. Mahares

    Mahares Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I use MyPhoneExplorer which works but has the following 2 drawbacks:
    1. There is a delay of about 4 seconds from the time you click on a phone screen before it refreshes on the PC monitor.
    2. You cannot display the phone screen on the PC monitor unless connected via a USB cable.
    Does anyone have a better solution, particularly in reducing the refresh rate duration?