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I'm happy to announce my third project: VoID Droid!

VoID Droid uses VR (Voice Recognition) and TTS (Text to Speech) to read new incoming text messages aloud and reply them by voice, text and more!

Optimize your own settings including Language, Pitch, Speechrate, acronyms and a lot more.

VoID Droid includes all the following settings:

- Language: Currently 6. Deutsch (Germany), English (UK), English (USA), Spanish (Spain), French (France), Italien (Italy)
- Pitch: Robot, Normal, High
- Speech Rate: Slow, Normal, Fast
- Caller-ID: Reads name of caller
- Message-ID: Reads name of text message sender
- Read message: Reads the message body
- Pop-up message: shows a pop-up message with the sender, message body, and Reply, Preset and cancel button.
- Preset Message: Sets a preset message for replying immediately.
- VR Reply: Enable to reply by voice, otherwise by keyboard.
- Acronyms: If acronyms should be read: BRB: be right back, cya l8r: see you later.
- Timer: shows a timer when driving
- Keep awake: if the screen should dim or not
VoID Droid is really easy-to-use. Just initialize your settings and press the Drive Button when you drive!



If you guys need codes, please post here, and I will reply :D



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You are fast.
Actually I have been searching for your Void Droid this afternoon because I saw it in your signature :)

This one does look great as well and very nice graphics.
I will ask you for a part of code one of these days, for sure.

Succes and keep them coming.


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Is that from his sig? I don't see that, I see the intended pictures. I must be missing something! I've wondered for a while how you get the picture in the body of the post? Ah! I've just found it :) but how do I get it big like your picture?
Actually yours is different, I can't click on it. How do you do that?
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hmm, looks like we need to register at imageshack or something... a google search showed many ppl facing this problem with imageshack hotlinked images....


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@Erel: That's strange, I only uploaded to imageshack and that's all.

@Agraham, I used
tags to center the images.
I make them on normal size, upload them to imageshack and put image tags between them.