Android Question VPN connection with 1 click


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Hello Erel,

I'am also searching for B4A code to establish a existing VPN
connection. This would be very helpful.

until now I use...

to open the VPN settings.
But with this solution I have to do 5 clicks.


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Can you post some example code, 5 clicks is 4 clicks too many
He already posted the code he is using to open the settings....
If you know how to do it with one click; share the solution...

I´m not sure if it is possible at all to create a VPN completely by code.


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Sorry, that was because I first wrote it in another thread where erel posted an answer.
But the thread was older than 1 year and at the end there was a recomendation to start a new thread.
I forgot to delete the salutation.

Unfortunately I do not have example code for that.
But it must work somehow. For example the program "myfritz" does it
automatically while the app start.