Wish VR Voice Recognition


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My Android App (TraduzApp) can take Voice or Text then Translate and Speak the request.

Now i have converted the App in IOS but unfortunately i have not the Voice Recognition features ( that is part of phone library .. in android )


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as you surely already know .. this icon, in the iphone keyboard, refer to voice dictation features ..

in your opinion .. is there any nativeobject command we can launch to start it programmatically and not tapping on the keyboard button ?

this can be a solution because this features listen for your voice request and automatically put the result in the textbox.

John Woodsmall

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A number of ads on tv(in the us) have advertized that using the iphone a customer
can order services by voice(pizza hut, pizza express ...)

This has made an impression on my u.s.a. backers.

We need to have this as on android.

I have this working on the android B4B version of my app.

When will you have this possible on the B4i system?

Is it a really hard thing to do?(nag...nag...nag)
John Woodsmall, Yesterday at 10: