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Someone may find a use for this teeny-weeny library that I wrote as learning excercise in C# (and boy did I learn being a VB man usually, but there is a -too long for here- reason for using C# rather than VB for components).

It does only one thing and that is to let you display and hide the rotating wait cursor on a PPC.

The dll is compiled in VS 2005 under Compact Framework 2 so will probably not work if you don't have CF2 on your device. The zip includes a demo PPPC exe and a config file to force the PPC to run the exe under CF2 rather than CF1 which is what PPC runtime is compiled for - the library won't load if the runtime is running under CF1. Paradoxically this is not needed if only CF2 and not CF1 is present on your device as CF2 then runs CF1 code automatically.

Furthermore if you want to compile an app on the desktop then if you have both CF1 and CF2 on your PC you will need a similar config file to force Dbasic.exe to run under CF2 - Erel has put both configs on the website somewhere. Again if you only have CF2 then it is not needed. The library will safely compile and run under a desktop exe but will not change the cursor.

I told you I learnt a lot putting this tiny library together!


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