Android Question Want to use the new b4i DatePicker

John Woodsmall

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I want to use the new b4i datapicker in my program

I have been using the clswheel program in my b4a program and my customers like it.
I understand that this datepicker for the ios system is like the iphone date picker
and will return the month/day/year like the clswheel program does?

if not is there a time when the iphone datepicker will be ready?

is there an example of using the b4i datepicker?


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If you want to have a picker that looks like the iOS picker then you need to build one.

I dont know how a "iOS-Picker" will look like. And therefore i dont know if there is an exiting picker for B4A which looks like the iOS-thing...
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In the main page you have several forums.
The top one is for B4A and the second one for B4i.
You should post the question iOSQuestions
The DatePicker will be added in B4i version 1.80 coming soon, Erel has released the beta version.
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