Android Question [Wearable DataLayer] is the unique way to play with wearables?

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Jerez, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Jerez

    Jerez Active Member Licensed User


    Sorry for my noob question but,

    [Wearable DataLayer] is the unique way to play with wearables?

    Can i create a 320x320 app and run on my Moto 360?
    Can i use listview? Spinner? and other controls?

    I have a webservice... and Moto 360 has WIFI... (and Asus come with 3G, then i don't need a handheld) so can i use HttpUtils2 directly?

    thanks for advise!

  2. canalrun

    canalrun Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Yes, You probably found the library from barx and the thread:

    If you look on the fourth and fifth pages, around post #80 or so, I have two examples. The first example has a companion app for the mobile (phone). The second example is a strictly wearable app that downloads directly to the watch and has no companion app for the mobile.

    Everything I have tried from B4A has worked on the watch – obviously the screen size limits some of the views.

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  3. Jerez

    Jerez Active Member Licensed User

  4. barx

    barx Well-Known Member Licensed User

    The Wearable DataLayer is just that, a Data Layer. It's is used for the communication between the Wearable and the Mobile device, if there is no need to data transer of any kind then you can simply create the app, package it correctly and install on the mobile. The Wear companion app will install automatically.
  5. Jerez

    Jerez Active Member Licensed User

    thanks Barx! I want to extend my home automation app to wearables... do you think is better to build a phone dependant app? thinking that today most wearables has no wifi or 3g? Maybe it's possibly create an app that, if there is no wifi in the wearable use the handheld?

    Maybe this DataLayer is or will be available for B4i and can communicate an Android wear with an iPhone? :D

    excuse my english and thanks for the advise
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  6. barx

    barx Well-Known Member Licensed User

    The whole idea and Android Wear is to be an extension of the mobile device, and so app have a mobile part and a wearable part, that is why you have to package them how you do. there isn't a way to install from the Play Store without installing to mobile.

    As for B4I, there are a few setbacks there.
    1) Google haven't yet released the functionality for IOS although it is supposed to be close to release
    2) Google haven't yet released a SDK for IOS
    3) I personally don't have b4i, an IOS device, account, etc, etc (if 1 and 2 are achieved then I am quite happy for anyone to look at my code to try create the b4i counterpart.
    4) I'm sure there is something else, but cannot think of it right now
    5) See 4
  7. Vincenzo Fabiano

    Vincenzo Fabiano Member Licensed User

    I did some tests with httputils but I could not make it work ... The app is installed correctly on both devices, but when I press the button to download the information on a page, nothing. Obviously everything works properly on smartphones .. You have got to try and you manage to make it work?

    PS. Mine is an LG watch urban and tests I made with wifi enabled
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