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    Hello to everybody.
    I am seeking for some advice on the following topic.
    In course of time I developed a system with mysql database server, various programs developed in delphi running on windows pc's and accessing the tables of the db through net connection, and lately apps developed with B4A on android accessing the same db, through wifi, using excellent RDC. All of this is working fine.
    Now for the same framework I need to develop an application using a VPS, i.e. a linux web server
    (resources available: apache, php, postgresql, java).
    The clients (windows7 pc) must connect to the server with a browser, login with user and pass contained in the db, and be presented with a page where they can input or change data on fixed fields coming from the tables of the database on the server. Also checkboxes, dates etc.
    The client should also be able to browse through the records, and maybe print results in a formatted report, and also view a dynamically created image.
    If I understand well, B4J can be used to produce a standalone web app with websockets, and especially a web server app.
    Is it correct to say that as all html code for the client browser is being generated on the server, I cannot use Scene Builder, that produces only fxml, but I must instead write the html code 'by hand' ?
    In this case, I suppose I can use a wysiwyg html editor to produce the html code and then copy and paste it in the b4j code.
    What about debugging the code? In this case can I use jquery?
    Is it possible to access postgresql? Or only mysql?
    Which is the best way to separate the html code from the application code?
    Or maybe I can force the browser to download from the server a complete java app that then runs on the client?
    The goal is not to be forced to install an exe on the windows client, but just use the browser.
    In this way the client could also be an android phone, or maybe a mac with safari.
    How powerful is jquery?
    I am a bit confused.
    Thank you.
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