Android Question Webservice and Login

Jithesh Mepparambath

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HI ,

This is my first question and I need to achieve the following things , can anybody guide me how to achieve this.

1. when my application starts for the First time , the user will enter the Webservice path ( example: http://www.xxxyyyz/cn) . The webservice name ( example : CloudService.asmx) is already Fix . So The application will add the the Webservice Path provided by user and the name of Webservice name .( http://www.xxxyyyz/cn/CloudService.asmx).

2. Second screen will be a login screen where the user will enter the userName and password and then the user will click login button.

3. Up on click of the Login button , the application will call one webmethod ( UserLogin ) by providing the Username and password.

4. The Webmethod will veryfy the details and if success it will return "OK" else "FAIL". if OK i want the application to redirect the User to the webpage (example: http://www.xxxyyyz/cn/default.aspx?View=Mobile) .

the Webservice and webmethod part I am able to do through ASP.NET. but can anyone guide me to how to achieve the UI part.


Jithesh M