Android Question Websockets or not?


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I am working on developing a two way communication protocol that uses HTTP / port 80. The intent is to create a messaging framework that has a server that would be the hub of all the clients. Having the clients then be able to send messages to one and other via the hub. The message or the payload would be a json string that the intended client would receive and process. This would not involve browsers of any kind. This would all be controlled via android apps that would use this layer in the back ground for communication.

I had worked on this project about 5 years ago using b4a abd b4j. I had a working prototype but I was getting stuck with the asynchronous nature of the messaging and the person I was developing the app for cancelled the project so I set it aside. I have another client with similar needs so I want to see if I can resurrect the project.

I was using websockets at the time as it seemed to fit the bill. The biggest issue is with different mobile networks and wifi hotspots you can never know what traffic is fire-walled but http on port 80 would always be allowed. That is my thinking on using websockets.

Is websockets still the way to go or has technology moved on without me and is there a better way using b4a libraries etc.