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Hello warwound

I have a webview and have added chromeClient
it does work in debug mode.

Sub wv_Script_Click
    Dim Javascript As String
    Javascript="B4A.CallSub('ProcessHTML', true, setRef())"
    Log("value: " & Javascript)
    WVE.executeJavascript(wv_Script, Javascript)
End Sub

Immediately after the Pagefinished, I get alert: undefined, thats because the function setRef has an argument, when pagefinished it will have undefined value unless and until user clicks on any of the link in WebView, that is ok.

When I click the wv_Script, WebView, I receive the alert message, it shows the correct link that I have clicked.
But how will I get this value in my activity or assign to any variable?

The matter is solved... Found the Solution on Forum: WebViewExtrasSample
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