Android Question Webview SSL server using self-signed openssl

Jim Wang

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Is it possible to use self-signed SSL on the server side, and can still be viewed in WebView in B4A apps.
like (which runs my server app using self-signed SSL certificates)
When using the browser, the phone ask for confirmation for security. But when placed inside WebView, it shows nothing blank.



P.S. I also bought B4i months ago, haven't try it yet, would have the same issue.


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If you don't plan to publish your app to Google Play then you can use a version of WebView that ignores ssl errors. Search for: WebView onReceivedSslError

Second option is to modify OkHttpUtils2 and change hc.Initialize to hc.InitializeAcceptAll (HttpUtils2Service).
This will allow you to download the html and then you can show it with WebView.LoadHtml.
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