B4R Question wemos + LCD TFT + Touch Screen


Hello there ;
I became a new member of the forum.
I new download B4R and looking documentions.
I have a project at the university and I need your experience and suggestions.

I must made app with 4 button + LCD TFT screen + toucpanel with best PRICE

my friend suggested me a wemos card & B4R IDE (first look , its easy like VB).

needs your sugges:
  • LCD TFT panel + Touchpanel
    • (Store has alot type and size and aliexpress.com/store/900905)
  • Which comminication protocotol for screen (I2C, SPI, STM32... my mixed brain)
  • Which comminication protocotol for Touch panel (protocol ???)
  • Which WEMOS board
all IO on board must be sufficient for 4button+ LCD+ Touch panel.

I need to start with the right hardware first. Because delivery time is 4-6 week with std post


The touchscreen is a shield that mounts on arduino, not on Wemos. If you selected Wemos for wifi communications then you'll have to get both arduino and wemos, and connect them (examples in the forum).

This way more expensive and mix for me.

I searched on web .

Can I apply like underbelow it with B4R
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thank you; I understant .
But I must use graphic screen.

Maybe Other people has an advice....
Just one more hint - the code for the display that I did in the link above used almost all the available memory in the Arduino Uno.
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What about a Nextion screen
Serial interface
Config software is free


Your suggestion makes sense to me.
Aliexpress Total : US $21.92 (included shipment)

I will start these list. Thank you for feedbacks. I will connnect to community after recive shileds.(4 weeks)

TFT Kablo 10 P 200mm 20 cm WEMOS SH1.0 10 P

TFT I2C V1.1.0 for LOLIN (WEMOS) D1 mini 1x TFT, 2x I2C ve 1x user IO Konektörü

TFT 2.4 T.S. Shield for V1.0.0 LOLIN (WEMOS) d1 mini 2.4 "inç 320X240 (ILI9341; XPT2046

LOLIN D32 Pro V2.0.0-wifi & bluetooth ESP-32 esp32 Rev1 ESP32-WROVER 16 MB 8 MB 4 MB FLASH PSRAM MicroPython
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