What are your other skills?


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A friend of mine was so happy when they got their first child. Suddenly, he could play with Lego as much as he wanted, and, as an adult, he had the money to buy all the Lego he liked.

Also, when the new Star Wars movies came out, he was happy, because he could buy what toys he liked. When he was a kid and the original movies came, his parents never understood that you can't just have ONE stormtrooper figure...

Yeah... there's Lego or Mechano

I'm more of a Mechano guy myself, its metal, don't break!

funny story is that with Mechano being metal and all, you can actually make working useful things out of it and I needed to make a machine that could wind 3700 windings of wire around a reed-relay to be able to control it from a TTL output so I went to a small toy shop and was looking at the various mechano boxes that they had... I chose the middle one and the lady in the shop said: "yes good choice, you can make many more toys with that one"
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