What are your other skills?


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* Knotting and ropework. A very relaxing hobby.

* Shooting people in a hospital. (Well, it's no longer used as a hospital, it's not real guns and the other people are in the game volontarily.)

* Making huge rockets in Kerbal Space Program, and most of the time, they don't blow up.

* Catching naked, slimy pikes. (No, it's not a sexual reference, it's fishing.)

* Kicking butt in BF4.

* Complaining about the snow. I'm the effing king of this!


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(build arround 1900) and we pulled everything out (water supply, "heating", electrics) and build it up again in about 2 months.
This house is a landmark. beside repairing it think also preserving any original design and colors.. firehouse, roofs.. etc.. expose old fittings, windows, doors
wiring and pipes, and hide the new working ones. the best bet is to hire archeologist to help you. :)


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Besides getting banned on Google Play and AdMob?
I work on cars.
My cars. My ex-wive's car. My kids cars. My friends cars. Lately it seems like that's all I do.

Not because I like to however.
While being interesting I despise it. I hate it with a passion.
It's dirty, frustrating, time consuming, and just plain annoying as hell!

My problem?
I have yet to find an honest and strait forward auto mechanic or shop.
I can go on for hours about the many, many times I have been swindled in my youth.
After years of being mislead and ripped off I finally decided to learn it myself.

After literally $1000's in tools and many rebuilt engines and transmissions later I can now unhappily say I will never take my cars to a mechanic again!
Right now I am replacing the timing chain on my sons 2008 Ford 4.0 V6 Mustang. Absolute nightmare. But at the local Ford dealership? $4000. Yeah?

I'd rather be programming Flappy Bird... :)


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Right now I am replacing the timing chain on my sons 2008 Ford 4.0 V6 Mustang. Absolute nightmare.
When I did that on my Pontiac (5 liter V8), I simply unhooked the old chain, hooked the new one on to it, carefully turned the engine a full revolution until I could unhook the old chain from the new and snap the new chain together. It was more work removing the cover (not much space under the hood) than it was to replace the chain.