B4R Question What device to monitor field sensor data?


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I'm looking for a small display, about 4-5-6" to use to view data from some sensors
Data arrives from the field via rs485 and therefore if it were already ''equipped'' it would be better
By 'display' I mean not only the display part but a small computer that can be programmed like an arduino or similar
Something like raspberry+display+keyboard would be useful but I don't find the box well made enough to be proposed as a small standalone monitor
I only find hobbyist-type boxes with fairly rough resistance and protection
In addition to seeing I also have to 'do' the configurations and calibrations and therefore at least 4-5 keys or a touch on the display
The final use involves a fixed installation and therefore any features that improve portability, in this case, are not important.
Could you recommend a device that simultaneously has a 4-6 "display, cpu, rs485, programmability, keyboard or touch, and industrial-like case?