What name i put on my first game????

Douglas Farias

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hi all.
i m happy, working on my first game. It is on 80% done
i dont know the real category its this game xD


Screenshot_2015-01-23-05-51-22.png Screenshot_2015-01-23-05-51-27.png Screenshot_2015-01-23-05-51-33.png Screenshot_2015-01-23-05-51-39.png Screenshot_2015-01-23-05-51-51.jpg Screenshot_2015-01-23-05-51-55.png Screenshot_2015-01-23-05-52-02.png Screenshot_2015-01-23-05-52-09.png Screenshot_2015-01-23-05-52-18.png

it is based on levels and time, have ranking and all level its more hard to find the number.
i really dont know a good name to put on this game.
on Português i go put = "Desafio da Raspadinha", on english i really dont know *-*

If u have any sugestion send me pls, english name its important *-*

thx all


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This is a clever idea.
"hidden Number" suggested by lemonisdead sound good.


"Scratch It", "Number Scratch", "Guess the Number"

I like this idea. It's a great kids game. Maybe you can clone this app with letters, shapes, objects...


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Hello Douglas,

Please change You Has Lost to You Have Lost . It can bother many people trying to find anyhing to make bad comment on your app :)
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