Android Question whatsapp second notifications text is "null".

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by webkumanda, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. webkumanda

    webkumanda Member Licensed User


    I'm trying to read to whatsapp second notifications text but I read a "null".

    Fist notifications is ok

    Next readings is "null" :(


    Sub SBNSurrogate(SBN As StatusBarNotification) As NOTI
    Dim temp As NOTI, Extras As JavaObject = GetExtras(SBN)
    ' Log("extras : " & Extras)
    SID =
    temp.text.Initialize =
    temp.TickerText= SBN.TickerText

    temp.title = GetExtra(Extras, "title")
    temp.subText = GetString(Extras, "subText")
    temp.showChronometer = GetBoolean(Extras, "showChronometer")
    temp.icon = GetDouble(Extras, "icon")
    temp.text.Add(GetExtra(Extras, "text"))
    temp.summaryText = GetExtra(Extras, "summaryText")
    temp.textLines = GetExtra(Extras, "textLines")
    temp.progress = GetDouble(Extras, "progress")
    temp.progressMax = GetDouble(Extras, "progressMax")
    temp.showWhen = GetBoolean(Extras, "showWhen")
    temp.infoText = GetExtra(Extras, "infoText")
    temp.progressIndeterminate = GetBoolean(Extras, "progressIndeterminate")
    temp.scoreModified = GetBoolean(Extras, "scoreModified")

    'temp.largeIcon = GetLargeIcon(Extras)
    'Log("NOTI: " & temp)
    Return temp

    End Sub

    Public Sub GetExtras(SBN As StatusBarNotification) As JavaObject
    SDKversion = p.SDKversion
    If SDKversion >= 19 AND SBN.IsInitialized Then
    Dim jno As JavaObject = SBN.Notification
    If jno.IsInitialized Then
    Dim Extras As JavaObject = jno.GetField("extras")

    Extras.RunMethod("size", Null)
    Log("EX : " & Extras)

    Return Extras
    End If
    End If
    End Sub

    'Available extras: title, subText, showChronometer(bool), icon(long), text textLines progress(int) progressMax(int) showWhen(bool) largeIcon(bmp) infoText progressIndeterminate(bool) scoreModified(bool)
    Public Sub GetExtra(Extras As JavaObject, Name As String) As String

    Return Extras.RunMethod("getString", Array As Object("android." & Name))
    End Sub

    Public Sub GetString(Extras As JavaObject, Name As String) As String
    Dim temp As String = GetExtra(Extras, Name)
    If temp = Null Then Return "" 'Isn't working for some reason, I still get null strings

    Return temp
    End Sub
    Public Sub GetBoolean(Extras As JavaObject, Name As String) As Boolean
    Dim temp As String = GetExtra(Extras, Name)
    Return temp.ToLowerCase = "true"
    End Sub
    Public Sub GetDouble(Extras As JavaObject, Name As String) As Long
    Return Extras.RunMethod("getInt", Array As Object("android." & Name))
    End Sub

    Public Sub GetLargeIcon(Extras As JavaObject) As Bitmap
    Dim r As Reflector, temp As Bitmap 'doesn't work yet
    r.Target = Extras
    temp = r.RunMethod2("getParcelableExtra", "android.largeIcon", "java.lang.String")
    Return temp
    End Sub
  2. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    please use code tags when posting code!
    Erel likes this.
  3. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Which line returns null?
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