Android Question When I try to run - error: <identifier> expected <SOLVED>


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Hello, I just started to mess with B4A, so made a little app to help count a scores in a card game. Wanted to find, where I can rename the final *.apk, so looked in Project->Build configurations, Package name, Manifest editor, but nothing interesting found. After that I wanted to see, how works my 'precious' app, but it's not compiling anymore. Interrupts with such a message:
Parsing code. 0.20
Compiling code. 0.81
Compiling layouts code. 0.08
Generating R file. 1.14
Compiling generated Java code. Error
javac 1.6.0
src\dais\package\ <identifier> expected
package dais.package;
1 error
Eh, could somebody tell me what to do now? How to fix it?