Where are the sample programs


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Where are the sample programs referred to by broken links in the pdf manuals.

Can anyone tell me?

regards albertstc01


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I am sorry for a delay in responding and if this posting is considered long but it is the
only way I can think of to be clear of why I am asking.

I have found the sample programs in the forum and they are attached to postings. I was
expecting there would be something like file folders.
What I am trying to do is to use a HTC Mantle running WM 6.1 with built in GPS as a GPS
transmitter for a 7 inch tablet.

What I do have working at the moment with two Android 4.2 jellybean devices, a 7 inch
tablet and a Galaxy Fame mobile phone. The tablet is used to view map images with different
programs the mobile phone screen being to small for serious comfortable viewing. The tablet
, a budget buy from Ebay, proclaims to have GPS. If it has satalite GPS it not very good
and not noticeable.

The Galaxy Fame does have effective satalite GPS but I haven't been able to load in the map
images I want and I don't need to have them on an Android small screen anyway.
What I have is an application downloaded from "Play Store" for the Galaxy phone "Bluetooth
GPS Output" an application which makes the phone act as a bluetooth GPS device. On the
Tablet the application "Bluetooth GPS" for a GPS receiver. With the combination I get my
location positioning on a graphics map I've loaded in and configured offline.

I want to use the HTC Mantle as a GPS transmitter instead of an Android phone. In the HTC I
already get GPS location fixes on UK Ordinance Survey maps with the program GPSMAP-OS by
Craporola Software Inc.

As far as I can theoretically imagine all that is needed is for the NMEA GPS text stream to
be directed from the built in GPS serial port to an output port for bluetooth transmission.
According to posts on the forum there seems to be a conflict between HTC devices and the
serial.dll(s) in basic4ppc. It is in only accessing the GPS serial port text data for
redirection via bluetooth that is of interest. There should not be a need for GPS library
programming. The tablet receiving device will have the program for MNEA text interpretation
for map location fixes.

Going through the past posts on the forum the issue then for a HTC user was that they
couldn't get their GPS programming to work. Their problem was solved by the dll in the
"GPSdriverDemo" which doesn't use the existing serial port libraries. This does though
still leaves HTC device users like myself without the ability to use serial programming
with basic4ppc.

I've downloaded from the web and tried a number of serial terminal programs for Windows
Mobile 6-6.1.

"Terminal CE v1.00 version" which runs in the mantle showing received content but sending
in this version is disabled. The application is unstable and will jam up the HTC sometimes
but it does show the streamed NMEA text repentances from the GPS port.

MobileVt trial version. This would be an excellent terminal if it was stable and didn't
slow and eventually jam up the HTC Mantle. It will show the GPS NMEA text stream coming
from GPS (com port 4 for my device). It only gives two com ports to read and write to.
I have also downloaded Pocket Zeus Lite Basic. It is intended as a trial demo version. It
does not give the full basic ability and in trying to use some basic commands the user is
directed to go to the web site to view other products available. For me this is a sick joke
as there are not any other Zeus Basic applications, free or to buy, for download. It looks
like the software creator(s) have abandoned and disappeared.

Pocket Zues Lite version does come with a number of sample program listings to load in.
ComOpen.txt and ComOutput.txt that will run without any apparent bad side affects. ComOpen
can be configuered to receive and show the NMEA Text stream from the GPS port. ComOutput
will imput as well as output. With a program downloaded from the Play Store "unconectHEX"
running on the Android tablet, text data can be exchanged in both directions.
Zeus does not seem to allow two com ports to be open at the same time and the ComClose()
command is one of the commands that doesn't function in Pocket Zeus Lite. Therefore I can't
get text into a variable from one com port then send text from the variable to another

My questions: What is possibility for there being a new serial dll which will work with HTC
devices? Does any body know of an application that would enable serial port programming on
a HTC device.

For what it does Pocket Zeus Lite in its current form does show it can read and write text
to and from other devices all be it just in console mode. Just having it's other basic
commands made workable for console mode, would for me, have made it a useful program. Being
able to build in forms would be something that could be added in it's own time.
Transferring GPS data is just one of the interests for bluetooth transfer. Communicating
and transferring data between a Windows Mobile Device and a Windows PC is accepted as a
norm. Transferring data and interacting between a Windows Mobile and an Android device
doesn't yet seem to be a valued consideration. It could require specialist programming on
both devices.

Regards albertstc01


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My questions: What is possibility for there being a new serial dll which will work with HTC
devices? Does any body know of an application that would enable serial port programming on
a HTC device.
Sorry, but I have no experience in this area.
I am not convinced that using such an old device and opreating system is the best appraoch, but that's just my point of view.
Windows Mobile was stopped in 2010.