Where are we?


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I've been constantly impressed by the truly global nature of this community. We've got users all over the globe, it seems... Israel, Greece, the UK, the United States, Japan. So two thoughts....

1.) It'd be kind of cool to see a map somewhere on the site that shows all of the locations of users who've chosen to provide that information.

2.) What's the practicality of a Basic4PPC World Wide Developer's Conference? Next year in Las Vegas? The Virgin Islands? Anyone?



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Hi Gary,
For a beginning, a button to ip2map.com in the forum could accomplish that:
This to decide is up to the Administrator.

I have that button on the portal of my site:

Back to your hx210 problem, I guess you mean that the backlight goes off
and you can still faintly see the screen. The other guys are correct saying
that any Pocket PC is switched off at the last stage of use, however, the
screen should go dark.