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There isn't a B4A (or B4X) Installation/Setup Section, but I have a tip - actually proof of a tip by others - post.
Maybe even for inclusion in the installation Instructions.

Having had several installation problems with B4A, I noted a tip to use 7ZIP for extraction rather than the built-in Windows (10) extract compressed.
Frankly, I was dubious - a Zip is a Zip after all. But I tried 7ZIP and my installation WORKED - my SDK Manager errors vanished.

Out of Curiosity, I decided to do extracts of the Command Line Tools archive into separate folder roots using Windows extract and 7Zip. Then comparing the folders with WinDiff.

Surprisingly, Windiff showed Windows extract had extracted 4 files into a spurious folder "_" (just underscore), 7Zip had simply left them in the folder without the "_" folder anywhere.

The attached screen capture shows the 4 files affected.

I'm sold on NOT using Windows extract by default any more!

I'm sure I can't be the first person to have had B4A installation problems because of this, so maybe it should be documented.


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Windows (10) extract
Maybe its just more proof that Microsoft just routinely ignore standards - and goes its own way - hence getting itself into some knots. Viz any Microsoft web browser.