1. S

    Android Question Can't choose First option in B4XComboBox

    Hello, when I fill a B4XCombobox then I can not choose the first option. I first have to choose another option, and after that I can choose the first option. How do I solve that? I must be forgetting something, I think. As it looks like something is already chosen, but it is not. it's filled...
  2. M

    Android Question B4A - Maven artifact not found: androidx.core/core-ktx (-> lStar)

    Hi everyone, I just switched to a MacBook M1 and i'm configuring everything on Windows11 with Parallels. I followed the usual B4A installation instructions and tried to compile an already existing project. This error showed up... what can i do? i already tried to install these...
  3. M

    Android Question Transparent Panel but with Shadow

    Hi everyone, I'm experimenting some modern UI techniques... is it possibile to have a panel with transparent color and keeping the shadow? At the moment i'm achieving the shadow using the "Elevation" but if i put Color to transpartent the shadow disappears. Is there a better way to apply a...
  4. M

    Android Question how can I change Orientation of Activity title

    hi how can I change Orientation of Activity title
  5. AbdurRahman

    Share My Creation Sun, Earth and moon revolution orbit

    For learning purposes, I wrote a code that rotates an object in circle in pure way WITHOUT USING ANY 3RD PARTY LIB OR FUNCTION ;). Important code is: Sub rotate( parent As ImageView, child As ImageView, latency As Int, r As Int) As ResumableSub Dim parent_vertical_center As Double...
  6. erraticless

    Android Question Freezing app while phone screen off

    Hello, When i run my project (an activity with a service) in release mode in my Samsung Galaxy S20, after about 3 minutes of screen turned off, the complete app just freezes for a few seconds (or even minutes sometimes) until i turn on screen again, and then the program continue working...
  7. AbdurRahman

    Android Question revolve image in circle ?

    Hi, I'm trying to revolve earth image around sun image making an orbit without using 3rd party libraries or builtin functions. So here's what I achieved: If you notice its revolves in rectangle but not in circle. So whats correct formula for moving it in circle ? Here's my current code: This...
  8. H

    Android Question which library for design a table?

    I'm new in b4a, and I'm trying to learn. I've a Class Person, with Name, Address, Phone fields. I want to show them in a table. So I done a search on the forum, and found that in this years many way to do that has been developped, I found Flexible Table, xCustomListView and others, and I'm a bit...
  9. B

    Android Question B4A Designer don't save layout anymore

    Yesterday i opened B4A to modify a project and i notice the UI of B4A was resetted. So i reimposted the theme and the layout of the windows (logs, files, lib, ecc); i tried to close and open again and the setting was saved. When i opened the Designer the UI was also resetted, so i reimposted all...
  10. mdje

    Android Question The problem of running lottie files

    Hello, when I try to run the lottie file with the AXrLottie library, I encounter this error : java.lang.IllegalStateException: Missing values for keyframe.
  11. F

    Android Question Unsupported option: --v4-signing-enabled, B4A 11.8

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to rebuild my old app, but this error message shows: Unsupported option: --v4-signing-enabled. See --help for supported options. I downloaded the files from https://www.b4x.com/b4a.html, but the problem is not fixed, I tried to build a project on Android Studio using...
  12. R

    Android Question Help in Parsing Weather Json and showing it on label

    Hello, I need a small help or an example. I have a small section in my App where I want to show the live Weather plus weather conditions for the next 3 days. I am using accuweather for this. I am getting the following json data response. { "Headline": { "EffectiveDate"...
  13. EasyDraw

    Android Question NFC problem targeting S+

    Hello, I am a new student programming in Android and I am developing an application that uses NFC using the B4A IDE. I have a problem with NFC reading only in Android version 12. Anyone can help me with some tips or any ideas?! Thanks in advance!!
  14. Isaac0maq

    Android Question Build contacts

    Hello to all👋 I am a newcomer and I want to get your help to create a program that can create and save many contacts randomly. of them to add in channels such as Telegram or WhatsApp and... used Can you help me to achieve this success together?!😇 Thank you for your help, I love you😘
  15. G

    Android Question B4A FireBase Push Notification to Specific Device - Get the Id

    Hello everyone! I am trying to send a notification (I am using firebase push notification), to a specific device. I found on forum, that I can do this using "fm.Token". But, how can I get this Id to send a notification specific to this device? Thank you in Advance.
  16. pejmannikravan

    What are the promotional plans for B4X?

    hello dears and B4X team. We all know that B4X has improved dramatically over the years... But the main problem is that the B4X developer community is very small and the number of developers is small, perhaps due to lack of advertising! The B4X has great potential, but I don't think anyone knows...
  17. C

    Android Question How to read past logs of errors that occured in release mode?

    Hi, my app has been working for over a year without any problem everyday, but out of nowhere it crashed just one time while doing a routine thing (json related). And that was the only time it crashed - after it restarted it works flawlessly. The crash happened yesterday - is there any way to...
  18. toby

    Android Question How to show and delete unused project files

    While Tools->Clean File folder can be used to delete unused files, such as .bal and image files, in the Files folder. How to get a list of unused project files, *.bas, and optionally delete them. For small projects I can easily recognize which files are not in use and delete them manually...
  19. I

    Android Question Covert Mobile To NFC TAG

    Hi Good Day Can anyone help me to Convert Android Mobile as NFC TAG without any application or With Application. If it is possible with application Can I have sample code. Thanks
  20. R

    Android Tutorial B4A on Linux 2022

    Hello everyone! I thought I would share my experience on getting B4A running and Linux. I use Manjaro but this should work on any distro. Also, just to make managing your wine prefixes easier use PlayOnLinux or something similar. 1) Create a new 64 bit prefix with wine 6.17 2) Run winetricks...