1. C

    Android Question Issue with using FTPS on FTP library

    Hi, I've managed to get my app to connect to me NAS via Non-Secure FTP with no probs and upload / list files folder in the folder, however when I change it to FTPS it seems to connect ok (NAS Log show is connects successfully) however the List_Completed function always returns Success=False and...
  2. Guenter Becker

    B4A Class App localization with Google Translator (Updated!)

    Name: TD_Localize Version: 2.6 updated 2024/04/21 Language: B4A Licence: Royalty Free to use for private and commercial projects for licenced B4X Members. Others please ask for licence. The attached example project includes the File TD_Localize.bas. Using this code module in your project it...
  3. mohsen programmer

    Android Question Creating a fake Wi-Fi

    Hi Is it possible to make a fake Wi-Fi in Android?
  4. S

    Android Question Android 13 problem with app installation

    Ho to all. Sorry I'm a beginner. I have written an App with b4a to take photos, read qrcodes and send emails with success using a Xiaomi note 9. Now I have a new phone Oppo with color os and android 13, and the same app run perfectly. I try now to run some examples using USB but the phone stop...
  5. V

    Android Question How to code Linear Regression algorithm with TensorFlowLite in B4A?

    Hello everyone, I have added successfully all libraries to use TensorFlowLite in my project B4A: But I don't know how to start code with Linear Regression algorithm from this library. Can you help me to do this simple example? Thanks.
  6. Guenter Becker

    B4A Library B4XDrawer Extension

    Name: TD_Drawer Version: 1 EarlyAccess Code: B4A TD_DrawerTree expands the possibilities of the B4XDrawer with the following functions: One single drawer , as a menu selection for all pages Display the menu as a tree structure. Design of the menu tree with the designer. Individual color...
  7. NetChain

    Android Question Addressing Firebase Messages to Particular Users

    It might be a simple question, but what is the best practice to send messages addressed only to a particular user? I've successfully tested delivery Firebase messages to my phone. I've made a test sending program in B4J and an app in B4A and they both work. But I couldn't find any information...
  8. H

    Italian Visualizzare mappe offline

    Buongiorno, avrei la necessità di realizzare una piccola app ,in B4A, che permetta di visualizzare delle mappe "tipo vista satellite di google", in maniera offline(non c'è campo nella zona di utulizzo) di inserire/visualizzare dei punti tramite coordinate GPS. Ho visto nel forum inglese che vi...
  9. G

    Android Question Printing on Thermal Printer (58mm)

    Hello Everyone. I am currently exploring the best way for printing on a thermal printer. I've been experimenting with "PrintHtml," but I've noticed that the print quality is not good. Could anyone offer any suggestions or recommendations for achieving higher quality prints on a thermal...
  10. G

    Android Question Intent Set & Add Flags

    Hello everyone. I want add these two lines in my code. lvIntent.setFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK); lvIntent.addFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_EXCLUDE_FROM_RECENTS); Is there anyway to do it? Thank you in advance.
  11. H

    Italian Quale libreria per le tabelle?

    Buongiorno, avrei la necessità di visualizzare dei dati in forma tablellare,(minimo di 3 colonne, massimo 7, impostabili dall'utente ). In media verrà popolata con un centinaio di righe, anche se l'utente potrebbe inserirne ben di più ( per ora il massimo consentito dovrebbe essere 5000). Non ho...
  12. A

    Android Question How to create and parse Tag, Length, Value (TLV) in .b4a and encode it in Base64

    Hello, I have this code in vb net Public Function encodeQrText(ByVal sallerName As String, ByVal sallerTRN As String, ByVal invoiceDateTime As String, ByVal totalWithVAT As String, ByVal VATTotal As String) As String Dim bytes As Byte() = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(sallerName)...
  13. H

    Italian Classi e proprietà

    Buonasera, ho qualche difficoltà a capire come si usano le proprietà e le classi in B4A, potete darmi qualche dritta? Nel manuale in pdf l'argomento è tratto poco. In VB.NET per esempio, ho una classe fatta così: Public Class Person Private _nome As String Public Property Nome As String...
  14. G

    B4J Question Save B4XTable data to a remote database?Thank you for your help

    Dim cmd1 As DBCommand = CreateCommand("select_insertnianduyusuan", params) 错误: 不兼容的类型: List<Object>无法转换为Object[] Private Sub ShowDialog(Item As Map, RowId As Long) Wait For (PrefDialog.ShowDialog(Item, "yes", "cancel")) Complete (Result As Int) If Result =...
  15. mohsen programmer

    Android Question Android/data folder permission

    Accessing and copying files to the Android data folder is limited in Androids above 10, especially 13 and 14, but file managers such as Z Archiver can access the Android/data folder by obtaining a permission. I also want to copy a folder in B4A that contains several other folders and all files...
  16. P

    Color selector application using B4XSeekBars and B4XFloatTextFields (B4A and B4J versions)

    This application showcases the use of B4X views and the multi platform programming with the #If B4A and #If B4J directives. This is how it looks like (first on my laptop then on my smartphone): A short description is available in the attachment: color_selector.pdf You can find the source codes...
  17. N

    Android Question What is the correct way to use Http job?

    Hi, I've made an Application with B4A that connects to the server to download some information and some images. This is my code : Private Sub trylogin Dim JJ As HttpJob JJ.Initialize("", Me) 'name is empty as it is no longer needed ProgressDialogShow2("درحال برقراری ارتباط",False)...
  18. G

    Android Question Error: The given key was not present in the dictionary

    Hello, I have this error and I cannot compile. I get this Error Message: B4A Version: 12.80 Parsing code. (0.24s) Java Version: 11 Building folders structure. (0.08s) Compiling code. Error Error compiling program. Error description: The given key was not present in the...
  19. G

    B4J Question How to insert a progress bar in b4xtable?

    Sub Class_Globals Private Root As B4XView 'ignore Private xui As XUI 'ignore Private b4xtable1 As B4XTable Private GraphColumn As B4XTableColumn Private progress As ProgressBar End Sub public Sub zhichuchaxun GraphColumn = b4xtable1.AddColumn("总进度"...
  20. G

    B4J Question Help, I've been studying for a whole day but haven't solved it. The data queried by B4J is different from the data in Access

    Dim req1 As DBRequestManager = CreateRequest Dim cmd1 As DBCommand = CreateCommand("select_tubiao3",Null) Wait For (req1.ExecuteQuery(cmd1, 0, Null)) JobDone(j1 As HttpJob) If j1.Success Then req1.HandleJobAsync(j1, "req1") Wait For (req1) req1_Result(res1 As DBResult)...