1. Hassan abdulbaqi

    Android Question News Feed

    Does Anyone Know How i can Make News Feed in B4A like in Facebook for Example...Other People online can post stuff...Thanks In Advance
  2. L

    Italian Caricamento csv in una tabella DB

    Ciao a tutti. Devo caricare un csv composto da 140.000 righe in una tabella. Ci riesco ma il caricamento è molto lento. Ho provato con la libreria DBUTILS ma mi dà l'errore : Uncaught translation error: min-sdk-version >= 26) Esiste un metodo rapido e veloce per caricare tutti i dati? Al...
  3. ahmadkhazali

    Android Question need help to conert angle

    hi i need convert angle to y and x from lib joystick v1.0 i need work in just this lib please help thanks
  4. D

    Spanish App cierra a los 3 minutos

    Buenos dias, estoy haciendo un reproductor de streaming (radio online) con B4A Estoy utilizando Exoplayer y tambien probé con MediaPlayerStream y con los dos tengo el mismo problema. El audio se empieza a reproducir, hasta alli todo bien. Pero cuando la aplicacion pasa a segundo plano (abro...
  5. R

    Android Question How to replace SQLite database after installation?

    Hi all, When my app is initially installed, it comes with a SQLite database. I'm working on code that allows end users to replace this SQLite database after the app has been installed - I would have them download and save the new database to the device's "Downloads" folder. During the...
  6. R

    Android Question Custom List View - horizontal and vertical scrolling possible?

    Hi all, I'm working on a B4X project (it only needs to work for Android), and I am having trouble getting horizontal and vertical scrolling to work with a Custom List View. For vertical-only scrolling, this code works perfectly (and I'm able to click on a row, and pass its IdentityNo to the...
  7. N

    Android Question MPEG file to Bytes

    Hello, I need to convert MPEG file to Bytes in order to send it in UDP packets. How can I correctly transform the file to Bytes? Thank you, Nataly
  8. B

    Android Question Stable service

    I want to write a chat program without using Firebase (because I like being independent and I also want to improve my programming skills by doing so) So this program should work in the background and receive messages from others and create a notification. I know this is very easy with Firebase...
  9. Valentino.b

    Android Question Forward a call on Android (B4A)

    Hi all I would like to create an APP to forward an incoming call. F.e., after working-hours, if the call coming from a specific number or a list of numbers or a prefix, then I need to forward the call to another number. Dim PE As PhoneEvents Sub PE_PhoneStateChanged (State As String...
  10. B

    Android Question Connect two phones via IP without remote server

    Hi, I want to exchange information between two phones remotely without a server and using ip. Is it possible and how? Please attach a source. Thanks🙏
  11. XToolsGroup

    Android Example [UI] [B4A] Online Course App UI Example + Source Code

    Hello Community! This is the second UI Example by XTools Group and more examples are on the way :) You can find our first UI Example Here : [UI] [B4A] Camping App UI Example + Source Code In this example we've used CustomListView & XUI Views Librarys. And the Bottom Navigation is coded "Simply"...
  12. Batman_

    Android Question [Solved] JRDC2 and SQL Server: B4A client issue or SQL server or firewall?

    I am going through the tutorial from this post: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/tutorial-of-connecting-android-to-ms-sql-server-using-jrdc2.114856/ From the tutorial I have managed to start the webserver and can confirm the connection to the SQL server database is working. I get the...
  13. A

    学习b4x 可能 遇到 的 困难 ,和 b4a 的 优势

    使用 b4a , 因为 很多 语法 接近 vb ,绕过 了 繁琐 和 不熟悉 的java ,所以 ,可以 较快速 地 写 出 一些 工程 , 因为 业务 代码 大多 可以 用 vb 写出 ,而且 b4a 深绿色 的 ide 界面 也 让 人 喜欢 , 简洁 的 界面 也 让 人 喜欢 , 但是 ,要 想 让 工程 的 功能增强 和 多一些 ,可能 就 困难 了 ,因为 ,它 不仅 要 用 vb ,还有 不少 涉及 java 和 安卓 的 东西 , 遇见 这些 问题 ,去 国内 的 qq 群 ,基本 也 是 说不清 ,不少 关于 b4a 的 群 里 很少 谈 b4a ,乱糟糟 在...
  14. A

    关于b4a ,b4x 的 许多 不解

    用了 一段 时间 b4a 了 , 也 写 了 几个 工程 , 但是 , 因为 英文 水平 一般 ,及 对 java 的 不 了解 , 现在 对 B4A仍 有 很多 迷惑 和 不清楚 的 地方 , 现举 出 几处 ,望 能 得到 论坛 中 朋友 的 解答 , 我 写 的 几个 工程 ,都 是 b4a , 不涉及 b4i 等 , 感觉 说明书 里 说 的 ,要想 让 苹果系统 和 安卓 都能 用 ,就得 写 b4x 工程 , b4a 工程 是 不能 被 苹果 手机 用 的 ,我 这个 理解 对吗 ? 论坛 里 贴 出 的 许多 代码 ,【其 左上角 都 标注 着 b4x 这个...
  15. R

    Android Question Apps do not run under Android 11

    Dear all, I think I'm quite a good programmer but I have no idea which effects a change of OS has to my apps. The apps are written in B4A but since Android 11 they don't want to work. I've tried a mass of analysis, checks, changes ... What am I doing wrong? Who can help? Thanks in advance...
  16. developer_soft

    Android Question Development of b4a and b4j

    The question that has been on my mind is whether Earl Uzil developed b4a and b4i with b4j? 😂😂 If so, what is b4j developed with?🤣 Didn't the server write the same site with b4j?😍😅 Really, why is the b4a tag not so popular in StackOver Flow and it can not be used in posts?🙂
  17. XToolsGroup

    Android Example [UI] [B4A] Camping App UI Example + Source Code

    Hello Community! This is the first UI Example by XTools Group and more examples are on the way :) In this example we've used CustomListView & XUI Views Librarys and implement a self-made Bottom Navigation(Not the best way). And don't forget to check out the Designer Visuals along with the code...
  18. Mikhail ivan

    Android Question It won't allow me to load a second listview

    #Region Activity Attributes #FullScreen: True #IncludeTitle: False #End Region Sub Process_Globals End Sub Sub Globals ' Elelemntos que se cargan al cargar el diseño Dim ListView1 As ListView Dim Cont As Int = 0 Private ContRegCliente As Label Private...
  19. Shimoruki

    Android Question Downsampling image due to lack of memory.

    Hello I have been getting this error when I go to another module. It repeats multiple times even having numbers beside them. Which ends up closing my my application during debug mode. The attachments below show when the errors occur.
  20. A

    Android Question [Solved]Serial Async Buffersize

    Hi all, Is there a way to increase the buffer size to more than 100? or Is there a way to know the total received bytes (to know when to store it in a temp buffer)? I came across Streamtotal and Streamreceived but they give a 0 value when reading these in "astream_NewData". This is probably...