1. arenaluigi

    Android Tutorial Free Mini Course Android Development Environment Preparation (B4A)

    Good morning, I'd like to share the free "Android Development Environment Preparation" course. This course helps prepare the B4A development environment to start developing Android apps. I thank everyone, and count a lot in your feedback. Here is the link: Video corso Preparazione ambiente di...
  2. arenaluigi

    Italian Mini corso gratuito Preparazione Ambiente di Sviluppo Android (B4A)

    Buongiorno, vorrei condividere il corso gratuito "Preparazione ambiente di sviluppo Android" . Questo corso aiuta a preparare l'ambiente di sviluppo B4A per iniziare a sviluppare App per Android. Ringrazio a tutti, e conto moltissimo nei vostri feedback. Di seguito il link: Video corso...
  3. A

    Android Question put image on body

    in the name of kindly generous GOD Hello body is lgbox2dbody or dim body as lgbox2dbody i want to put image on body else i must put a shape wich that is not good for me How do we put an image on body?
  4. DarkWolfalpha

    Android Question Very easy question

    Hi guys😍 I want to open a button in another activity. Help me please...😭 Please send me the code😭 I need this code very soon...🥵
  5. R

    Android Question B4A - Direct connection with JdbcSQL to MSSQL with istance

    Hello everyone, i tried successfully to connect my app an MSSQL Server without istance, but when i try to connect with another MSSQL that has an istance the connection doesn't work. I specify the istance in the jdbcUrl after the IPServer; is it right? Public MsSql As JdbcSQL Private...
  6. A

    Android Tutorial ADeveloper - B4A beginner tutorials

    I started a channel in youtube for B4A. Erel made some other tutorials which you can find here. I am trying to make tutorials with more simple language every one or two days. 1. Download and Image from Internet 2. xCustomListView Please subscribe in my channel
  7. P

    B4A Library SharedPreferences - Save Key-value data

    Hello When i used B4A for the first time, I felt something is missing. it was hard to save values using File.WriteString or even harder: File.WriteMap each time i had to Create a map and write it to a file if i wanted to save changes. i was waiting for anyone to write a library to make this...
  8. Peter Simpson

    🤗 My happy introduction to B4X

    Hmm, I see that Anywhere Software has created this new section in the forum, so I've decided to add my actual B4X story. WARNING: This is going to be a loooooooooooong read :cool: I've always enjoyed creating software from the early days of the humble 48k ZX spekky, to machine coding my 68000...
  9. I

    Android Question how can i fix this?

    how can I fix this?
  10. A

    Android Question httpjob problem

    Hi i cant download any text file with httpjob. file download but don't show any things. when i log from my text file (here is a json file from host) show this Error. full Error is: <html><body><script type="text/javascript" src="/aes.js" ></script><script>function toNumbers(d){var...
  11. Albert Kallal

    Android Question Use Android Watch Faces in B4A phone app?

    Is there a library floating around that would let me use a watch face in a regular Android phone application? I certainly seen a few questions around this forum in regards to building a watch app, but I am just looking to use a nice looking watch face in an Android phone app. (ie: not a watch...
  12. Scotter

    UPDATE: POSITION FILLED: Need conversion of simple B4a app to B4i

    Hi - I have too many projects going at once and need help with creating an iOS version of a very simple B4a app I built last year. This is what the Android app looks like: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Cobra.CalcMaterials I'll supply you with all the code from the B4a...
  13. Flavio SOuza

    Android Question Aligns items side by side within the CLV

    I am using erel's CLV example. however I wanted to display it side by side in the CLV. I've already tried to reduce the panel by 48% x, but the next item doesn't go to the side and stays down. Sorry for my English.
  14. Peter Simpson

    Android Tutorial 💡 A simple XUI app transfer from B4A to B4J in under 11 minutes

    Hello all, Here is a quick video to show how simple it can be to transfer your B4A projects to B4J when using XUI. It's been on my mind all days now, so I thought I would give it a go and also record my efforts. This is my first ever attempt at doing anything cross platform like this with XUI...
  15. D

    Android Question B4A - Buttons not displaying on some older Android versions/devices

    Hi Everyone, First time posting, haven't needed to post everything as B4A is pretty awesome and the support forum is an amazing resource... I couldn't find anything on this particular issue. Just having a bit of an issue with older devices.... please see below... basically standard button...
  16. Peter Simpson

    😀 Coming soon - Lazy Loading examples for new and existing B4X members

    Hello everyone, I've noticed that there appears to be more questions regarding long lists of data and matching previously designed layouts. Even thought you can easily use xCustomListView in conjunction with Lazy Loading to accomplish the required results, some B4X developers can find it...
  17. pauleffect

    Android Question [BLE2] Set the preferred connection PHY

    https://developer.android.com/reference/android/bluetooth/BluetoothGatt#setPreferredPhy(int,%20int,%20int) I searched the forum, but couldn't figure out how to request a different Phy from a BLE Server. I mean gatt.setPreferredPhy method. Would you kindly illuminate me?
  18. Flavio SOuza

    Android Question Banner Adaptive Admob

    Hello I noticed that on some devices the banner is cutting. That's bad! I wonder if you have how to implement Adaptive Banners on B4A. https://developers.google.com/admob/android/banner/adaptive I've been grateful for the attention. Hugs!
  19. Albert Kallal

    Android Question list Initialize2 - same as stuffing array in?

    I have this wee bit of code: Dim f As String = "City,FirstName,LastName" ' field list Dim v As List ' field values v.Initialize2(Array As Object("Jasper","Albert","Kallal"))...
  20. Ibrahim Saleh

    Android Question Video Streaming with HTTPServer

    Hello Community, I have been researching this for a while now, but could not find any solution in B4A. I would like to stream a video found on users phone using http server. Now i think the HTTPServer lib is limited some how cuz it doesnt allow me to access the outputstream. Also this stream...