1. J

    Android Question For loop not going for Next

    Hi I have a code like this If ..... Then For i = 0 to List.Size - 1 If ..... Then If .... Then //do something Else //do something End If Else If .... Then //do something Else //do something...
  2. FrostCodes

    Share My Creation Lovely Motivational Quote Creator : Source For Sale

    Hello everyone! This is an app that generates thousands of motivational quotes(100% offline). Motiva contains a set of inspirational thoughts and sayings that will urge you to take daily action or if you just need a little dose of “pick me ups" throughout the day. You can download the sample...
  3. G

    Android Question [B4A] Cannot connect to database

    Hello there, Can anyone help me? i tried to use b4a to mysql with b4j jRDC and show this error ResponseError. Reason: java.net.ConnectException: Failed to connect to /, Response: ERROR: java.net.ConnectException: Failed to connect to / The IP Addresses is...
  4. R

    Android Question Button floating outside the environment

    Hi How can I have an animated button on all apps please help
  5. T

    Android Question Serial Comm, AsyncStreams with B4A ...Chars and Numbers Problem Solved !!!! :-)

    Hello, use B4A --> to send commands to Attiny how can i send textcommands like "r" or Data like "50" as ascii char ? i tried some with byteconverter and StringtoHex.... but nothing is successfull... Have anybody idea how i can send Textcommands ?... Thousend Thanks Heinz
  6. sfsameer

    Source Code : Create a mobile shop within the app :)

    Hello every one :) I have previously published that we are working on something really big and it's coming very soon before the end of this week Post link : https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/coming-very-soon.126162/ The app enables the user to create his own mobile web app within the...
  7. hamedafrough

    Android Question how can I update my onlinDB with b4a?

    Hello Dears I have an app that get USERs info. I want users can edit their infos but I cant write codes for this ability. thank you if help me up that to write codes for update my DB with app
  8. R

    Android Question How to launch another app to run in parallel?

    When I launch one of my apps from another using the following code, the second app replaces the first. They have only one entry in the list of recent apps, which shows only the first app. The user cannot kill one app without killing the other and cannot switch between them. Dim MyIntent As...
  9. M

    Spanish Como puedo enviar un PDF desde mi app hasta cualquier aplicación como WSP

    Hola amigos de B4A, mi consulta es: Estoy desarrollado una app de Gimnasios y mi idea es que cuando una persona venga a querer pagar su abono el dueño del gimnasio lo haga atravesar de la app. Mi idea es que cuando la transacción se haga, halla una opción de que el usuario apreté y mande un...
  10. alirezahassan

    Android Question Change icon with #

    Hi I want to change icon. I want to use this code #if Demo //change icon to demo icon #else if PRO //change icon to pro icon #end if Is it possible? Can I use robocopy with this case?
  11. Guenter Becker

    Android Question Textaligment by code

    Hello hope you are fine In my current project I have to use a custom designarable class that adds a EditTextView as a panel child and the panel to the mBase by code. If using this custom control in the designer the properties of the textbox are no longer direct available. Therefore I have to...
  12. F

    Android Question B4A App runs fine with Android 5 will not run with Samsung phone running Android 10

    I'm missing something.. So, I decided to reach out.. I have a B4A/BLE app that runs like a fine sewing machine on a cheap WalMart LG phone running Android 5.1.1. Try to run the very same app on a Samsung S10 running Android 10 and it refuses to connect via BLE. I've checked all of the usual...
  13. alirezahassan

    Android Question Robocopy

    Hi, I want to copy a file to my project path when I run my project. My Folders: JsonFirebase B4a i want to copy google-services.json file from JsonFirebase Folder to Main Folder of my b4a Project it should be? #CustomBuildAction: folders ready...
  14. B

    Android Question WebView don't show scriptmsg

    Hi everyone, my colleague wrote a webapp with visual studio that allor the users to login to save data on a database and show a confirmation message, and it works correctly via the browser. I've write an app with B4A that just load this webpage in a webview so i can easily share the apk with...
  15. W

    Italian Passare dati dalla main activity a nuova activity

    Buongiorno a tutti, premetto che sono nuovo del forum ma soprattutto nuovo di B4A. Ho bisogno di iniziare dalle basi e quindi volevo chiedervi come si facesse a passare dei dati dalla activity principale (main) ad un nuovo modulo activity (per esempio: "activity1"). Per dati intendo per esempio...
  16. W

    Android Question Pass data from the main activity to the new activity

    Hello everyone, I state that I am new to the forum but above all new to B4A. I need to start with the basics and so I wanted to ask you how to pass data from the main activity (main) to a new activity module (for example: "activity1"). For data I mean for example a string "Hello", and that in...
  17. M

    Android Question 64-Bits Compilation?

    Hi Everyone! I'm trying to publish my first app in Google Play Store and I noticed that my app doesn't support 64-bits devices... I read in older threads that it can maybe been an error with older libraries. I use those: I don't know which one is needing an update an where to find them... Can...
  18. W

    Android Question How I can get the url link opened in log app

    Hi, Can u help me please? I have an B4A app with a button, the idea is that when i click on the button, the app will open a url with this code for example: Dim i As Intent i.Initialize(i.ACTION_VIEW, "https://www.examplewebpage.com") StartActivity(i) And the web page will close automatically...
  19. L

    Android Question Generating R File Error: Error retrieving parent for item

    Hi, I test compile my program then found this error while compiling: But this is the error when using the Dark theme (Modify Manifest file). This is the error when using the Light theme (Default). Also, You can see it's the same error. And I already install Java JDK 8 and Android 10.0 (Q) SDK...
  20. M

    Java Question Wrap library as view instead of ActivityObject

    Hello, I managed to wrap a library but the only way i can currently use it is through the designer. Is there a way to wrap a library and display the UI with Activity.AddView(WrappedLibraryObject, left, top, width, height) i Followed this tutorial to wrap the library...