1. J

    Android Question Update SQLite Version

    Hi, I want to ask. I run query on SQLite SELECT sqlite_version() and it return 3.22.0. I want to update the SQLite to 3.25.2 (at least, latest if possible) because I want to use Row Number feature that was released on that version. Is there any way to update?
  2. M

    Android Question AHNavigationDrawer

    Hi everyone. i have a trouble with AHNavigationDrawer. Can anyone help in this regard? The relevant file is attached
  3. M

    Android Question Clicking on the notification and running the service

    Hi How can I create a notification with a big image using a library: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/nb6-notifications-builder.91819/#content which when clicked run a service without bringing up any activity?
  4. H

    Android Question intent not fire if screen is locked

    I'm using intent/receiver to do some stuff at specified time. Since I would like it work like an alarm clock that still work if screen is locked, I base my code to that https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/receivers-and-services-in-2023.145370/ on old android like pie and oreo it work fine...
  5. Plutoam

    Android Question OkHttpUtils2 v3.02 Not Working In Receiver

    Hello, I am using the latest update of the OkhttpUtils2 library, which is version 3.02, in the FirebaseMessaging Receiver, some requests are not executed. It gives very strange errors Sometimes it even gives an error, but the request is executed and sent to the server And when the program is...
  6. T

    Android Question B4A SQLite error when inserting data into database (Can't Find Table Name)

    Hello, Friends! As I am new to B4A and I am just a student, I am working on an app/game that needs to connect to a database. In this case, I am currently using DB Browser for SQLite. I created a table named "Questions" in DB Browser and has some attributes in it. But when I try to insert...
  7. grant1842

    iOS Question Brx Pages Scrollview question

    Hello all . I am loading a scrollview to display 6 views (panels, etc) My problem is it scrolls to the 4th panel and not the 5th and 6th panels. I am makeing this app for b4i, and b4a. Class_Globals Private pnlscrollview As B4XView 'This event will be called once, before the page becomes...
  8. IndieDev

    Android Question [Solved] Need help converting Java code to B4A

    Hi, Been working on code for a compass. Got stuck at converting the code below to B4A. This slows down rotation of the compass (Ease To functionality). Would appreciate if anyone could help converting this or enlighten me on how to use this in #If Java. protected Runnable...
  9. grant1842

    iOS Question Code a sub for b4i or b4a in a b4x app.

    In b4a i can do toastMessage("android.") in b4i i can use HUD toastmessage("ios") I am working on a cross platform app. So is there a way to Example If b4i then Toastmessage("b4i") else if b4a Toastmessage("b4a") Is there any documentation for this. I hope my question makes sense...
  10. Rosin

    Android Question How can i use the webview to play online vedio

    hello!i try yo use the b4a to construct a Paid video parsing app,Emm...I use the Web video parsing interface(https://okjx.cc/),In my test,i try to loadurl like this ...actually,i can see i am in the website,but i can't see any button in the app,if i open the url normally in my edge,it works。...
  11. Blu Blu


    Dear everyone, i use command ESC K d in printer sunmi v2s to make paper return back for adjusting and works perfectly ,but in SUNMI V2S PLUS it doesn't work even with same commands, and it print directly string like 'Kd'. Here i post my codes and im using EscPosPrinter Dim REVERSEFEEDPAPER As...
  12. king_mkv

    Android Question make foreground app

    Hi everyone. I'm new in b4a and want to make an app (a bot for an Online game) to request to the game server every 5 minutes. I did it with Python and run with Termux with WakeLock but I can't do it in b4a. are there any solutions for me? I know I should use services and I do! but I'm using...
  13. S

    Android Question DELETE method with json param

    Hi all, I've a little problem with delete method of httpjob. I need to send a json string to DELETE, I'm trying a different solutions but no one work :( dim param as string param = $"{"var1":"1","var2":"2","var3":"3","var4":"4"}"$ 'This is my param string to send (AS IT IS) 'I've try with...
  14. N

    Android Question 9x9 Grids using 2D array

    Hello everyone, I'm currently making a 9x9 grid using 2d array for my school project on b4a. I always get a error when I'm utilizing it. Is there any way to make one using 2d array?
  15. Dwnr80

    Android Question Slow to connect directly to MySQL with mobile data, not wifi.

    Hi. I'm trying to make a small app just for me that connects directly to our MySQL-database. I've tried multiple examples and libraries but with the same result every time. Now I'm beginning to think it might be my phone or if I'm missing some of them manifest-rows or whatever (yea, I'm kinda...
  16. I

    Android Question Help, I need a B4A websocket server to recive data from Node Red

    I read all the websocket and try with many tutorials but I cant't do it Please help
  17. N

    Android Question creating pdf

    hello and sorry if this question is repetitive, I want to make an app with an image which it has some labels and radio buttons on it and what I want to know is: how can I make whole of this pic and all objects on it to pdf document in size A4, I read and took some examples in forum but none of...
  18. L

    Android Question how can i implement a library correctly

    hi, it was sent to me by a company that produces "UsbToIrda Device", its own library to be able to use this device. the problem is that i have no idea how to implement it given the files i have and the latter are -AndroidManifest.xml -evausblib-release.aar -sample.java -usb_device_filter.xml...
  19. B

    Android Question User Customizable Layout

    We would like to make the graphic layout of the application customizable for each object with a configuration file (e.g. font size, panel border thickness, colours, etc...) This file must be modifiable externally from the App. What would you recommend to do? Thank you
  20. coldteam

    Share My Creation My new Game: RPG adventure "Soul Crusade"

    Hello everyone. I am glad to announce that my new game is released on Google Play. Google Play link "Soul Crusade" Soul Crusade - Launch Trailer The game feels good, for my taste. Project based on LibGdx with GPGS. I want to thank: @Informatix @Biswajit @Jack Cole @Erel for their great work...