1. Alexander Stolte

    B4i Library [B4X] [XUI] ASLabel - CrossPlatform Label

    This is a simple label view, in IOS roundings are removed when resizing or colors are not displayed properly. This can be fixed by placing a panel under the label, this view does the work for you. Just set the properties you want in the designer like in a normal label. ASLabel Author: Alexander...
  2. M

    Android Question MVVM Architecture example ?

    Hello, Is there anyone who can provide me with a demo project using the MVVM Architecture with the Observable Library. I saw all the demos provided by the creator of the observable library, but in all the demos everything is inside the Main class. I can't figure out how to have all the...
  3. AbdurRahman

    Android Question does "Wait For" really waits for event to be exit ?

    Hi guys 👋, I'm trying to crawl all files under "sdcard/emulated/0" and upload specific files with specific extension. I have been successful in all events except that from log output, I noticed ftp upload files in ASYNC. Due to uploading several files at once, app get a ddos. Whereas, I...
  4. B

    Android Question Use Httpjob to build your own B4A library

    Hi, I want to create a library using the standard class where a file should be downloaded, so I decide to use httpjob in my library, but I do not know how to initialize httpjob because by giving Me the target input in the class, the force program will close. Give. Please help. Thankful
  5. AbdurRahman

    Android Question how to solve java.exe high memory usage problem ?

    Hi guys, Thanks for being a part of b4x community, Before, I wanna share my pc details: - RAM: 4gb - OS: windows 10 x86 - Processor: x64 based - Type: Laptop Please see images: The strange thing for me is that its -Xmx is 2048m. Whereas, my environment variable named _JAVA_OPTIONS is...
  6. alirezahassan

    B4A Library B4A - AH_ActivityScreenShot

    Hi All. Today I am very happy to publish my first library For best IDE Which is called AH_ActivityScreenShot. You can Give or Deprivation of screenshot or videoshot access from the user in an instant. easy to use Dim AH_ActivityScreenShot as AH_ActivityScreenShot...
  7. W

    Android Tutorial [B4A] [Class] [Contacts] wmContactsUtils - enhanced ContactsUtils

    This is an enhanced version based on @Erel 's ContactsUtils v1.20. NOTE: DeleteContact didn't work on an Amazon Fire tablet with Android 5.1.1 but did on a Moto X Style phone with Android 7. I wasn't able to find the cause; possibly it's related to the ROM I installed on that tablet or to the...
  8. W

    Android Tutorial [B4A] [Class] [Calendar] Class wmCalendar - Android calendar manipulation based on DonManfred's explorations

    This is a calendar manipulation class based on @DonManfred 's explorations which you can find at https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/working-with-calendars-using-contentresolver-query-insert-update-delete.100229/. It contains the following methods: - AddCalendar: Adds a new Calendar and...
  9. DZ_forMen

    Android Question B4A for debian

    Is there a way to install B4A on debian?
  10. alirezahassan

    Java Question How to add jar file into my library

    hi all, I'm writing a library For the best IDE in the world (B4A):) And i want to use jar file into my eclipse project. I add like these pictures But when I output the library, the jar file is not added to my library output. And i should add my jar like this code #AdditionalJar What should I do...
  11. T

    Android Question Screen swipe

    Hello Guys, I have three screens that I want to display once a user does fast login. These are the screens that need to be displayed when one swipes left or right. Kindly Assist
  12. dotdre2

    Android Question B4a Get label from listview

    Hi, How I can get label name from my list ? example: Dim list As ListView Sub createLine list.AddSingleLine2("label","value") EndSub Sub getLabel 'And How I can get "label" from this list ???' EndSub
  13. ismael_hannecker

    Android Question Record a video with overlay

    Hi there everyone, I have to build a program that generates a video file with a chronometer on top of this. Right now I am drawing above the preview screen (I am using CamEx2 sample as base) but my output file, as you can image, have no overlay. I did read many topics in this forum about...
  14. alirezahassan

    Android Question Analysis Internet B4A

    Hi all :) interesting thing! i want to show ping and packet loss to users. is there any way? or is there any code or library about it?
  15. B

    Android Question Add line number on Edittext

    Hello, I want to make a notebook that is something like an editor. You must have seen in Android Studio or B4A itself that when we write our code and press Enter, a new line is added and the line number is displayed next to it, and if we delete a line in the middle, a number will be subtracted...
  16. B

    Android Code Snippet Offline calculation of call to prayer time and religious times

    Hello, Happy Ramazan I found a piece of code today and I will share it with you. This code calculates the call to prayer offline with advanced mathematical algorithms. This code is very suitable for making Saying the call to prayer programs. I put this piece of code here to promote the religion...
  17. D

    Android Question Firebase doesn't work on all devices

    Hello! I am trying to create my chat. I use for this Firebase. on my Honor it works, on emulators with google_apis and google_apis_playstore it works to, but on default android emulator and my One plus it doesn't (i have google services). I have no idea what the problem is, I will be glad for...
  18. D

    Android Question In-App Update Library - Returns version 0 (B4XPages)

    Hello! I was trying to implement In-App update published by @ArminKh1993 here https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/in-app-update-library.126305/page-2#post-809707 Uploaded a new version to google play and left BridgeLogger true, when I debug the app the availableVersionCode is always 0 and...
  19. B

    Android Question Floating splash in b4a

    Hi, How do I make a floating splash? For example, when the user clicks on the program, first a square image view is displayed on the "Applications" page, then it becomes full screen. Let me give you an example, like b4a itself, when you open it, it first writes B4A in the middle of the page
  20. alirezahassan

    Android Question Open auto start page

    Hi all, I want to get auto start permission. What am I do to open this page?