Other Which components for a 2019 project?


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Hi all,
I'd like to update an old (2016) B4J desktop project using more recent components and at the same time to make use of anything B4x-oriented, where applicable.
Original project made use of TabPane and TableView, DatePicker, ComboBox, RegextTextFiled, ContextMenu as its main components.
I found promising stuff like Accordion, Pagination Container, XUI Views and the ubiquitous (for me) xCLV.

But I'd like to hear from you to be sure to not miss something really useful.

ps: Mac-compatibility will be a plus not a must.



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I think more recent components may not be better for your app as long as your app can solve problems smoothly.

If it is just for desktop use, then there is no need to use XUI stuff.


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Well, it will have a mobile counterpart so adopting a B4x style will save me a good percentage of coding on other platforms.
Obviously the mobile app will have a reduced number of options and functionalities.
As an example, using xAnotherDatePicker on both desktop and mobile will let me write date-related sections just once. Same for any Dialogs (here I'm thinking about warnings, errors, comfirmation messages.. but it can go up to other stuff too).

I see this project as an opportunity to make some old code to converge toward a common base.

Thank you for your interest in the topic.


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ubiquitous (for me) xCLV.
YES, for me too. This is a must for the mobile app. You can do 99.9 percent of the UI with it, and never have to deal with adding a view manually.
This saves so much time in developing and support. Now you essentially have android and iOS beat - in one source base.

For the backend (desktop) - ABMaterial of course... in a browser - like all new modern apps.
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