Android Question "White Map" with Google Maps v2

Walter Adriano da Silva

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Hello there,

I'm using Google Maps v2 for an app, and have right configs in Google API Key, AdditionalRes and Manifest, but the panel persist in show me a "White Map".


One can imagine where is the error?

Thank you in advance.
AdditionalRes.png Key for Android app.png Manifest.png


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Hello. First of all ask forgiveness for my English

I watched the tutorial several times and no errors but the screen always blank
I downloaded the "" file and it works perfect on my end but my code B4A always blank screen

Something I do wrong.

Please needed for my application

I enclose three images. Thank you very much for everything


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If your api key is correct and google map service is started,use proxy in your device and i will see google map shown.
My problem is white screen but when use proxy ,google map show in mapview
Thank you Erel
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Our app works perfectly on the smartphones we've tested it on. But the tablet of my brother shows a white map...Any ideas?
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Hi Erel, our app works fine on some devices when debugging (only low resolution). But on other device it shows the wite map.
Google play services are properly installed on those devices but the test app does work correct.
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Hi Erel ,

i have googleMaps library 1.01 , using B4A v5.5 , copied google-play-services.jar to the library folder,
have loaded my existing keystore , went to google developer console ,

1.create new project at the google developer console
2. enabled : Google Maps Andriod API ( no version 2 found , only this option found )
3. created : Credential, API Key,
3.1. Name : Andriod key1 , package name : and filled in my SHA-1 fingerprint found at the dialog of my keystore
when open up the private signed key at B4A ,
4. added code to manifest file as suggested , and replaced the key value with my own API key ,
5. added an #AdditionalRes attribute to the main activity
6. after compiled & installed , the MAP display is BLANK , with "google" word at the left bottom corner ,

* i have installed your B4A demo.apk found in this thread and the map display correctly and is working properly.

what went wrong with my map app , can you please advice ?

[solved] - please view my last image : gmap-api5-solutions.png




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