Android Question Why are libraries logged as missing or not shown at all in the libraries tab ?


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I have just started trying to use B4A again after a year or so. My main app has been working perfectly, but now I need to change it, and cannot get anywhere.

I have installed the latest version, as you can see. The error message "Object not set to an instance of an object" appears when I start B4A, and again when I open any existing project.

IME is present and the latest version, but the log says it isn’t. Several other missing libraries are logged, but do not appear in the list,

although they are in the libraries folder, e.g. sql.jar. SMB is logged as missing, but is in the Additional Libraries folder.

I downloaded a fresh copy of SMB, and copied it into the Additional Libraries, along with the JCIFs jar, but no libraries are shown in the IDE past JSON.

I do not know where to quickly find the latest zipped download files, and it is my only complaint about B4A which is, in all other respects, stunning.

Help !


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the SDK has changed.

I suggest to setup a new SDK.
Follow the Instructions. Watch the short video which shows all steps needed. Start with a new blank folder like you see in the Video.
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