Bug? Why does Cursor.GetInt("ColName") have to be lowercase?


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I am going through the UserManual example SqliteLight4 and it appears the Cursor.Getxx will throw an exception if the column name parameter has an uppercase letter.

So this works:
Starter.SupplierIDList.Add(Cursor1.GetInt("rowid")) 'add the ID's to the ID list

but this throws an exception:
Starter.SupplierIDList.Add(Cursor1.GetInt("RowId")) 'add the ID's to the ID list

and this throws an exception:
Starter.SupplierIDList.Add(Cursor1.GetInt("rowID")) 'add the ID's to the ID list

Sqlite identifiers are case insensitive so all of these examples should work fine.
Does anyone know why it doesn't?

Here is the exception:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: column 'RowId' does not exist